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Chris Whited's 'Hobbit House' on Bainbridge Island, Washington, Is Fit for Middle Earth

Oct 15th 2012 8:17AM It took alot of thought and building ingenuity to even attempt to build this little house:) I feel it's quite the work of art, and would rent it in a millisecond! How does anyone of you know what a Hobbit house is, or looks like? I thought they were imaginary?

5 Salary Secrets Your Company Won't Tell You

Jul 25th 2010 11:48AM I was in a strange work situation along with many other co-workers. Our company was apparently having problems with 'unsatisfactory new business income'...we were in the red. All saleried people were called into the conf. room and recieved a chastizing of how we were all overpaid! It was like WE were being repremanded for the amount we made?? Excuse me? We didn't set the pay scale, and if we are supposedly overpaid...then it's the upper managment's problem, not ours. Strangely enough, we still got our yearly pay increases. It was the wierdest meeting I've ever attended in my entire career.
About 5 years down the road...our company up and moved to Canada!!
Then none of us had incomes!

Trigger, Trusty Friend to Roy Rogers, Up for Auction

Jul 12th 2010 8:16AM Discusting! Obviously these icon animals mean absolutely nothing to their (Roger's) children....even though they were truely adored by their parents! Roy and Dale have most likely rolled over in their graves! Creamate the poor things and sprinkle their ashes on Roy & Dale's graves. Darn money hungry kids!

'American Idol' Results May 19: Who's in the Top 2?

May 20th 2010 7:40AM IMO, Crystal & Lee are where they should be. NONE of the top 10 has anything to be ashamed of, they are all very talented!Remember, one doesn't need to win Idol to become successful. If one does win, they are tied to the Idol contract, which disses their chances for something bigger & better!

My biggest problem with his actions, and lack of the ability to look at whom ever is talking to him. This does not seem to be shyness...but a HUGE personal problem, or major personality flaw. Body language is of rudeness.
He needs Physch help I believe.

TV Chef Juan-Carlos Cruz Murder Plot Thickens

May 17th 2010 9:19AM Sick, SICK person !

Seems as though we are all living among people who are capable of horrible things...more so now, than in the past.

Texas A&M Recruit Tobi Oyedeji Dead After Car Accident

May 17th 2010 8:22AM My Prayers will continue for this grieving family. Such a tragic loss for us here on earth....only God knows the answer as to why this wonderful young man was chosen to go "home" so early in his life.
Do not worry mom and dad...he will always be safe, happy, and free to fly amongst the angels...and he'll never be far from the both of you either.
You will hear him, see him, smell his presense, and dream of him in the days and months to come. He will forever be in your hearts and memories.

First Responder to Chimp Attack Talks to Dr. Oz About His PTSD

May 6th 2010 7:59AM I don't doubt WC turned the officer down!! They will do ANYTHING, and use any tactic to NOT PAY! This is part of the failing work force problem in the USA. If ANY worker has ever had a work injury claim...they know first hand, what a game is played by the WC and the insurance companies! NO money, stalled or no medical help!
Their pack of lawyers see to that!

I feel very bad for all involved (even the animal).
How could ANYONE witness such a scene, and not come out of it with PTS at the least?? Horrible, and so tragic for all.
I can only pray that all involved are guided by God and held in his hands.

Home Ec: How to Remove Protein-Based Stains

May 1st 2010 8:54AM Hi, to remove odors, set small containers (plastic bowls) full of amonia around the house. Set them out of sight...let em evaporate, and refill as needed. Hope it helps you with sootie fireplace odors!

High School Erases Gay Student From Yearbook

Apr 30th 2010 7:59AM i have an idea!!!!

Use "head shots" only in the year book! Problem solved!

Success in the City: Dreams Not Wasted on the Young

Apr 23rd 2010 8:55AM Three words: NO WORKER'S COMP!

It's a pain in the azz, you won't get rich, chances are you'll loose everything WAITING and BATTLING every medical move. The insurance companies move like snails as does WC. Their biggest concern is not to get you well's to get you back to work, fixed & out of pain or not!


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