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Netizens Deride Foreclosure Settlement

Mar 15th 2012 11:21PM The media convinced everyone that the people who lost their homes to foreclosure were irresponsible, bad money managers and didn't deserve to own a home in the first place. What they didn't tell was that most had lost their jobs months or a year before losing their homes.

Fashion Styles That Make You Look Older and What to Wear Instead

Nov 20th 2011 11:57AM Marketplace is telling us what we should be wearing??? In this economy??? Get your heads out of the sand! People are hurting, no jobs, no homes, no health insurance, wearing threadbare shoes and clothes. Do you think anyone really cares about an article like this at this point in time???

Can Being Late on Your Mortgage Make You Sick?

Oct 22nd 2011 8:50AM Ya think??? How about the ones who have already lost jobs and homes??? There are problems long after the event. It doesn't go away, even when a new job comes along and you get to start over. The effects of loss are long lasting. Loss is loss. People wonder why there is marching on Wall Street and I can tell you it is because of the anger and frustration over those losses and the callous treatment by people who could have helped and didn't. Yes, our mental and physical health has been affected in a negative way and we still worry about more loss. Now we are just angry that it happened in the first place just so a few people could live an opulent lifestyle. Nice article, but DUH!

Surviving a Family Road Trip: Top 5 Tips

Jul 1st 2011 3:34PM I'm sure many Americans would like to be even able to afford a road trip.

AOL Shopping's "i heart sleep" Giveaway

Apr 28th 2011 10:04PM I get between 5 and 6 hours of sleep a night and then the pain from the Lupus wakes me up.

Overweight Moms, Children Think They're Thinner Than They Really Are, Study Shows

Mar 24th 2011 6:29PM Ever notice that skinny people don't get sick, have diabetes, heart disease or die??? Me neither.

22 Examples of Etsy Child Abuse

Mar 22nd 2011 11:39AM Do you have children??? You think these are bad? You should see some of the outfits children come up with, get attached to and insist on wearing everywhere! Abuse? Please. These kids look pretty "ok" to me and you are the one creating a problem that doesn't exist. Get a life!

W. Virginia Bill Would Yank Your Driver's License if Your Kid Misses Too Much School

Jan 11th 2011 11:28AM It's all about funding. It is not concern over the welfare of the child. So now we have another lamebrain idea to punish parents by taking away their ability to get to work to earn a living. WV needs hope and opportunities, not more rules and punishments. Believe me, the schools WILL abuse this power if it is given to them.

New Recommendations for Maternal Depression

Oct 26th 2010 1:27AM You are so right. I had it with my first baby, our son. I was so afraid all the time. Afraid of being around a lot of people, but afraid also to be alone. Never had it with our two daughters. Horrible time, especially for a first-time-mom.

Opinion: Sometimes, It's OK to Let Your Kid Be Bullied

Oct 23rd 2010 2:15PM Shame on AOL for printing this story! At a time when bullying has finally come into the spotlight and is being recognized for what it is--ABUSE, then this negligent mother tells us it's ok to let our children be bullied. NO, IT'S NOT!!! Teachers are being required to take classes now to address this huge problem of bullying that has been let slide for too many years. We all need to get on the same page. It is not ok sometimes and not ok other times. It is wrong! It causes hurt, mentally and physically. It creates scars that last a lifetime. To send a four-year-old-child to school every day for a year to face a bully alone!? But then, many parents who condone bullying were probably bullies themselves. Our children are dying and we ALL need to stop making excuses and bring about change!!!


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