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Man Shames Wife He's Divorcing With Angry Sign Hung on House

Apr 1st 2013 8:49PM It is no wonder why she left this marriage. With a creep like him I can only imagine what he has put her through in the past. Hats off to her!

Banks' Paperwork Foul-Up Cost Atlanta Woman Her Home

Jul 9th 2012 12:27PM I hope the courts throw the book at the banks and she get's not only her dream home back but enough money to buy dream homes for all of her children when they become adults and enough money for her to retire, vacation and live a live of luxury! The banks need to be punished severely for this behavior. She gave them the information and they failed to follow through. Heads should roll, someone should be fired, perhaps jailed and she should receive a windfall!

Scariest Skydiving Video Ever!

May 26th 2012 3:01PM Applaud this skydiver? I think not. He forced this poor woman out of the plane against her will. If he had been skilled he would have let her sit back down, he would have noticed that she was sliding down and out of her harness, he would have noticed her death grip on the side of the plane and acted accordingly. As for her having the time of her life... NO! She was terrified and falling out of the harness perhaps falling to her death every second of that fall. The only reason he isn't being charged with murder is he was able to hang on to her... Thanks to God and him for that.

DIY Diary: Ingredients for a Successful Remodel

Feb 21st 2010 2:26PM It looks as though they have done a beautiful job. I do wish however when photo's are taken of before and after that the same perspective is shown. Notice how in the before pic here they have narrowed it by not showing the opening to the right of the pic going into the dining area and the after pic show it all open so that the change seems even more dramatic. The change IS dramatic. But let's see it correctly. The same thing is done with before and after makeover photos; the befrore is wearing glasses and not smiling... the after is with a big smile, no glasses and perfect makeup. The change here though is wonderful and doesn't need trickery.

Jimmy Carter Leaves Church Over Treatment of Women

Jul 20th 2009 5:28PM President Carter may ultimately be looked upon as not only the President with the most integrity, humanitarianism, humility and honesty but a President that could have done more good for our Country than imagined - were it not for lack of political favors owed him.
Hooray for his decision to turn his back on utter ignorance.

Mark Sanford & Jenny: The New York Times Wedding Announcement

Jul 2nd 2009 8:20PM You are so very right. He is deplorable in his behavior. His affair was enough. His lying was enough. His cheating was enough. His leaving his state without an acting Gov. was enough. But his public announcement that he had met his "soul mate" was too much. He could have gone a lifetime without publicly humiliating his wife with those words. They were hurtful and hateful. For those of us who have met and honored our true soul mates he has tarnished those words forever. He has NOT met his soul mate he has met is raging hormone adultress. He should hang his head in shame and perhaps take some time to truly beg his wife for forgiveness. He has no honor he has shamed his sons name as they carry his. Deplorable.

Caroline's Family Made Her Do It

May 6th 2009 11:11AM Caroline was used for her name. Obama used the Kennedy name through her to empower his campaign. Appointing her very publicly to help him select a Vice President was an uproarious campaign stunt that worked. Caroline then thought she was a politician and would be handed another spot... Sen. of NY. Not gonna happen. The Gov. of NY let it go for a while though for the publicity but I believe he knew from the start that she was not a serious consideration. I also think he waited in the event the public went for her the way they went for Obama... an unqualified candidate with store front qualities.

Tests Show 13-Year-Old is Not a Father

Mar 26th 2009 3:04PM Jason, Jason, Jason, the are both children. He isn't a man stepping up and taking responsibility, he's a child thrilled with the seeming possiblity that he fathered a baby. He's not old enough to think things through to be responsible. And the girl is not old enough to fathom what she has done and is doing for she too is a child.

McCain Not Sure How Many Homes He Owns

Aug 21st 2008 2:43PM How many homes, how many wives, how many children.... hmmmm.... and to think McCain is our better choice... I'm saddened that Americans allowed the media and elite politicians to give us our candidate choices. Obama's behaviour belies his words and McCain can't find his words. Let's start over. Hillary come back to us!

FOX News Doctors NY Times Photos

Jul 3rd 2008 1:30PM News ceased being news years ago. Fox "news" with their "fair and balanced news" is as unbalanced as is possible. The editorial page of the NY Times is for opinions even if they are not agreed upon. Fox keeps calling opinion and bias "news". It is not. The continued term liberal media is a falacy. The media is no longer (if ever) liberal and news is no longer news. The least of our country's fear is terrorism it's US. A president who may be the worst we've ever had and makes up "law" in the same manner that Fox makes up "news", a pending depression so that same president, his vice president and their families can get richer on the ridiculous price of oil, a government who spends more money on healthcare for illegals than for working citizens and a citizenry who complains and does nothing. Our representatives stopped representing us years ago. We elect them into a "good ole boys (and a few girls) club where scratching ones back supercedes representation. It's time to have term limits nationwide and urge the media to begin again reporting facts not fiction not opinion but facts!!!!


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