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The Daily Fix: Remove Hard Water Stains

Jul 29th 2010 5:01PM Hey Mel, I ve tried CLR it also does not work.

Dollar store clothing: Worth it or not? Readers write in

Feb 5th 2010 6:28PM Ann;
You must be kidding me. In the 60's & 70's we made(US) 50% of
the fabric sold in the us. Now its less than 10% and thats made of
recycled fabric.
I dont like to comment on blogs because most people dont know
what they are talking about.
A label is a label.
What do you eat, drink, drive or smoke.
Oh yea. What do you wash with??
A label is label.
Dont believe the label!!!!

Should America Be English-Only -- or Speak More Than One Language?

Jan 26th 2010 6:45PM Its plain and simple. If you come to this country learn to speak and read English.
You should not be able to drive in this country unless you do. Multi-language signs
will not help only make matters worst. What languages do you put on the sign?
After spending so much time reading the sign. When the policeman comes to the scene of the accident. Will he speak that language?

Jay Leno Rips NBC in Monologue

Jan 11th 2010 3:20AM Only one person should be on after the news. The time slot should
be 11:30 to 1:00am. NBC lacks ratings because there is to many people on. People switch around to much.
Leno is the only one. There is nobody else.
The old joke "I had sex with Carson". This should hold true with Leno.



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