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VIDEO: Cat stands on hind legs during fight, looks a lot like Pokemon's Mewtwo

Nov 17th 2011 12:10AM Everybody was Kung-Wu fighting!

Christina Aguilera Botches National Anthem at Super Bowl, Admits Mistake

Feb 7th 2011 8:06PM Sing the song like it's meant to be sung. Don't put your own slant on it, jazz it up your purpose to show off your vocals or how great you sing. Just sing the song, belt it like it really means something to you, and be respectful of America. This performer, Christina Aguilera plain & simple - blew it.

Don't Love the Rock You've Got? How to Upgrade Your Wedding Ring

Dec 5th 2010 8:35PM When my husband proposed to me we didn't get an engagement ring because there wasn't anything I wanted. Not that we couldn't buy one - I wanted something they didn't even sell yet. I said I'd wait. And I did. 5 years. I saw what I wanted. Something small and simple. Uncomplicated. Just a pretty ruby. Girlfriends & relatives got married. Got nice sized rocks. Most are now two and three times divorced. It isn't the size of the ring. It's all about love, honestly, trustworthiness, loyalty, communication, compromise, and lots of hard work on both sides. We're been married almost 38 years. I still have my sweet ring. I wear it lovingly. To me it's a symbol of love. Anything bigger would be just plain greedy.

Florida Town Attempts to Ban Saggy Pants

Nov 1st 2010 1:01PM Here's a young man (never see him working) that's at the corner store all times during the day - night - so please don't say he works somewhere on a shift - wears cargo pants so loose if he's walking, talking on the cell phone, with anything else in his hand he can't hold up his pants. He's always yanking at them them to hold them up. He can't walk without them falling down. I don't mean falling a little - I'm talking falling down past the bottom of his boxer shorts. People see him losing them off his skinny butt all the time. I've seen him have to put down a sandwich or the drink on the ground in order to pull up his pants. Do the police investigate this behavior? NO. The pants are always brand new. He doesn't wear anything but new tennis shoes, undershirts boxer shorts and cargo pants probably 5 sizes too big to fit. I'm tired of seeing this crotch grabbing, pants yanking young- man almost an adult strolling around like he's on some kind of fashion parade. He's a fashion disaster, an eye -soar to the general public, distasteful, shove in your face type that doesn't care if he's gross to look at and totally over the top in appeal. Even young teenaged girls point and outwardly laugh at him making a fool out of himself. Loose fit pants are one thing. Falling off your skinny behind is something totally different. I was thinking if 50 to 90 year old men dressed like this the police would pull them over and discuss their mental stability and were their "brains" all there? Or suddenly if your great-grandmother decided to wear her house dress pulled up to the bottom of her you - know - what and priss around the front yard or go to the corner for a quart of milk dressed like this the law would be questioning her mental stability too. The point I'm making is it's ok for young people to walk around with their pants too loose/falling off their flesh and bones... but if someone middle aged or older did that or something similar they'd be questioned about how nuts they were?

Celebrate America's Most Common Birthday, October 5

Oct 5th 2010 10:33PM Quoting from The New York Public Library Reference Book - it states If your LAST menstrual period was January 29th then the EXPECTED day of delivery is October 5th.

Did Elle Magazine Lighten Gabby Sidibe's Skin?

Sep 17th 2010 1:02PM Didn't Time magazine do a similar thing (in reverse) to O. J. Simpson when he was a suspect in the June 1994 Nicole Brown & Ronald Goldman murders? I seem to recall they darken his skin color to make the picture appear more sinister. As this the picture of Gabourey Sidibe on the 25th Anniversary of the Elle magazine cover -yes it appears lighter. But then how many times have we ALL gone into CVS and made reprints of pictures and adjusted the contrast, brightmess, and colors to make the prints look better? People in glass houses shouldn't cast stones. Elle did a terrific flattering picture of Gabby.

Poll: Which TV Show Are You Most Looking Forward to Returning This Fall?

Aug 30th 2010 11:07PM None of these... but awaiting the return of Parenthood, Burn Notice & Royal Pains (next year). I no longer get wrapped up in very many new shows. Why? Because the moment I like/love a show the higher ups decide to yank it off the air ... sometimes never finishing out the story line ... for instance. Anybody out there remember the show October Road? The actors strike got in the middle of that... and they PROMISED to make an ending for it even if it was a short one ...said one was being filmed and coming out after LAST March '09... guess what? It never showed up... so it left us wondering what happened to Big Cat and "red" from That 70's Show, who did the kid belong to, what happened to the writer in the show and a couple of other story lines left dangling in the air... Talk about a disappointment. It suxed. It's like reading say-- a Danielle Steel or Stephen King novel and someone rips out the last three chapters. Nice huh? Thanks to THAT network we never saw the ending of October Road. Promises, promises. And the networks wonder why people are not watching their shows...because you do unthinkable things to the viewers.

Win a Trip to Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York for the Spring 2011 Collections, Plus $500 Shopping Spree and Spa Gift Certificate

Aug 27th 2010 9:27PM A sage lace short skirt with an ivory silk shirt along with a light weight short waist jacket in a maroon. ivory, hint of sage color with a slight slash of colored jewelry in metalics and ivory to beige toned peep toed sandles.

Customers Vote on Favorite Restaurant Chains

Aug 10th 2010 3:01PM The Colannade (@ Bayshore Blvd & Julia - Tampa Fl) has the best local seafood . It's fresh not corporate food. It's been at the same location since the 1930's. The best salad bar's at found at Ruby Tuesday's. Very fresh, clean bar, well attended. Foods look crisp, taste fresh, wide selection. Fresh cheese, nothing processed, blue and feta too. Ask them for the freshly made avacado dressing they hand make, It's not on the line. THey'll bring yoe out to the table a small condiment dish of the best avacado dressing. Creamy and not lumpy. And no I don't work at either place.

Angelina Jolie 'Salt' Premiere Dress - Black Emporio Armani Mini

Jul 20th 2010 10:39PM A pretty dress can't hide skank ~


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