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France Votes in Favor of Burqa Ban

Jul 14th 2010 7:57PM i just think its a security issue, needs to be banned

Alanis Morissette, Boyfriend Wed in Small Ceremony

Jun 7th 2010 9:07PM won't work but i like her and her artist talents

What the 'Housewives of New Jersey' Really Earn

Jun 7th 2010 9:04PM what a joke bravo should be ashamed as well as the housewives for being stupid to work for that amount

Gary Coleman's Ex-Wife Denies Hurting Actor

Jun 7th 2010 8:51PM love the thing about white girl, most black men persue white girls, what the hell, she took him up on his offer, so what, life is what it is & sounds like some racism on the blog, he died wish the family well and get over it!

'Biggest Loser' Trainer Jillian Michaels 'Can't Handle' the Thought of Pregnancy

Apr 23rd 2010 10:17AM what a joke, oh i forgot she dates women also, probably more than men, she's just letting everyone know she's gay in a polite way! it has nothing to do with losing weight, its all to do with no penis!

Jennifer Love Hewitt Has Been Cheated on 'A Lot'

Apr 7th 2010 9:54AM love her personality, saw her in an interview and she seemed real, too bad the movie stars don't date real people like me, they might find what their searching for, honesty, care, morals, reality, etc.!

Why Are Brad and Angelina Suing Now?

Feb 9th 2010 8:19PM i think this is a joke,rave on brad

Kyle Busch Is 'Rowdy' Real Thing

May 7th 2009 6:16AM mark martin's the man, get someo of that

Earnhardt's Answer: Control the Speeds

Apr 28th 2009 10:18PM i'm like jr i think this was a freak incident the catch fence worked and let them race, i believe the roof flaps on this new car don't work as well as on the old car and should be looked at, also i believe the wing on the back helps lift the car or interfers with the roof flaps aero!

Oklahoma Octopus -- Paranoia Alert!

Jan 16th 2009 1:40PM strange to me you never hear of death by salt water octupus, i know their dangerous but, i just found another big foot in atlanta where i live, ha! possible for fresh water octupus but one this big and not another incident reported, come on killed 3 people and injured 2 others?


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