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Playing Dress-Up With Mrs. Butterworth's

Apr 1st 2011 1:18PM when I was a little girl I used to paint these bottles and use cloth to make them clothes lol had more fun than playing with toys

How Would You Deal with Charlie Sheen (and Other Problem Employees)?

Mar 9th 2011 1:38PM wow I have been reading these comments for so long I can't keep my mouth shut any longer.Charlie has become the character that Chuck Lorre created. I love 2 1/2 men and Charlie too. He evidently does have a problem of some kind but I want to see him get better. And I want the show to continue with Charlie. Chuck YOU created this mess. How can you fire someone for acting like the character he portrays. The show has ALWAYS been edgy and outspoken so what do ya'll expect ? I'm just glad it hasn't affected Angus in the same way.

W. Virginia Bill Would Yank Your Driver's License if Your Kid Misses Too Much School

Jan 11th 2011 11:32AM This is crazy. you cannot always control what your child does especially when you believe they are in school and you are at work.
I hated the high school I attended because I was bullied but the school wouldn't do anything about it. I lived a block from the school and my mom drove me there and watched me go in. I walked right past the office and straight out the back door. My mother never knew it until I was suspended. Many times I stayed until I was counted present and then booked right out the back door. That did NOT make my mother a bad parent.

Unusual Uses for Chalk

Jun 14th 2010 8:09PM I just tried the chalk for ants around my hummingbird feeders.on one of the poles I wet the chalk and there's not an ant one on that feeder. the other one I just went over the pole with dry chalk and the feeder is covered with ants. don't know if that helps anyone but it's worth a try.

Bobby Brown Gets Engaged on Stage

May 10th 2010 12:35PM were doing good until the trailertrash statement. wtf ?? everyone that lives in trailers are trash ? thats kind of like talking out both sides of your mouth. get real.

Historic L.A. hotel remodeled as pot-friendly lodging

Apr 21st 2010 4:06PM man I think the ones screaming "drug addict!!" need to sit and down and share the peace pipe lol. get a grip. if you've never done it you have no clue and no reason to be dogging those that do. if our government would do the same we'd be a lot better off.

Arrested: Flesh-N-Bone Says He Did Not Hit His Mother

Apr 16th 2010 4:02PM well said wolfman

First U.S. marijuana cafe opens for business in Portland

Nov 15th 2009 11:57PM hmmm,lets see...I smoke pot and have NEVER done cocaine, heroin, crystal meth, crack, or anything else. and as for the beating up people-its the person, not the weed. I'll bet those men beat on their women regardless of whether they smoked pot. people are so ignorant of things they know nothing about.

Ian McKellen 'Proudly' Rips Leviticus 18:22 Out of All Bibles

Nov 2nd 2009 10:20PM hotredhead...the Bible is not just stories. it is Basic Instuctions Before Leaving Earth...BIBLE. call me a mindless zombie if you wish but if I am wrong I lose nothing...if you are wrong you lose EVERYTHING. It is the be all/end all book.


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