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See Photos of WikiLeaks' James Bond-Like Data Headquarters

Dec 10th 2010 12:18PM Quite frankly, I do not trust my or any government the same way they do not trust Julian Assange.

I do believe deeply in the safety of our people and our troops, but to deny that we are lied to about everything by our politicians and those who we will never know which have the power to do anything is more than foolish.

This building is amazing, absolutely believable and I would love to work there instead of my unfulfilling job.

And Julian Assange is anything but crazy. A bit scary perhaps, but necessary.

Elmo's Best Moments: Celebrating 25 Years of the Furry Red Monster

Nov 21st 2010 11:04AM Bring back Grover.
He was and always will be my favorite.
And when Elmo came, Grover went away.
That is not good playground behavior.
Elmo is cute and little but just too whiny of a voice.

Jean Paul Gaultier Ultra Luxe Socks

Nov 15th 2010 1:52PM
I have.
And I am good at it.
And no I am not poor.
I just abhor snobbery.
The world is starving and there are those who could give a damn while
they spend ridiculous dollars on a pair of SOCKS created by slave
labor wages?
And if "knit your own socks" is in reference to my user name, I have absolutely no idea how I got that.

Jean Paul Gaultier Ultra Luxe Socks

Nov 15th 2010 11:08AM I see this as a rude slap in the face to people who could not afford this even if they were stupid enough to.
It is like ha ha, you are poor.
If you were rich and special you could be snobby and frivolous.
But you are not.
You are poor.
Ha ha
Jean Paul Gaultier, really?
You arrogant SOB

Decorating With Crates

Nov 10th 2010 8:46PM Oh my.
We did this in the 60's and 70's.
Hippie chic.

DIY Warrior: Swap Out a Professionally Framed Picture

Sep 7th 2010 2:40PM I have been buying framed art at Goodwill and Salvation Army stores for a long time. I really only care about the detailed frame and glass. Salvation Army has unfortunately begun to price things in the direction of thinking they are a antique store.
Repaint the frame and I have an inexpensive solution for my young adult daughters apartments.
Add plain art paper instead of a matte and double stick tape blown up photocopied photographs.
Remove the glass and hang empty frames.
Take a poster, cut to fit a few frames and rehang.
Wrap the cardboard backing with beautiful fabric and tape to hold.
Cut art paper to fit, use a stencil and gilded paint to create a custom matte.
Take out the glass and replace with a mirror.
The possibilities are enormous.

Best Beauty Products of 2010: Women's Health Magazine Crowns 55 Items

Jun 25th 2010 12:06PM Are any of these products CRUELTY FREE?
I have a problem with animals being tortured for my vanity.
How about ORGANIC ingredients and BIODEGRADABLE packaging.
How did we let big business trick us into a absolute lack of decency.

Don't be ignorant. Demand better.
Cheap products almost always mean that some one or something is paying the price for you.
Be a voice for all life and the world with how you spend your dollars.
It may mean owning less but karma is on your side.

The W Hollywood won't let guests use its pool

Apr 4th 2010 8:39PM Actually my ex husband is from Orange County, and now two of my children live there. They feel the same way about the large amount of Hollywood influence but with work and school and the economy it is not the best time for a move. Obviously there are some wonderful areas and people just like anywhere and the weather is great. But in the same way that the Las Vegas casinos have an effect on the city in general, so it is in most cities. And I do not live in the lovely cities that I spoke of so I am not coming from a position of elitism. If you had to pick between NYC, El Paso Texas, or Santa Barbara, you also would have your reasons based on weather, economics, social standard, etc.. And often what I hear from So Cal people is that San Francisco is so 'pedestrian' and everyone wears black. We all have our views. Santa Barbara? Count me in.

The W Hollywood won't let guests use its pool

Apr 3rd 2010 1:06PM Welcome to plastic land (So Cal). The lack of class is why I will never live there. Fake bodies (mannequins on display), flashy trashy people (brainless partiers), celebrities (who gives a shit), VIP attitudes (the rest of us are evidently worthless). The idea that anyone is more important than anyone else is ridiculous and for an upscale hotel to treat its guests like this is beyond me. We have lost all morality in this country and the media/Hollywood carries the vast majority of the blame.
Give me San Francisco, Napa, North Coast, Berkeley. It is sophisticated, educated and class.

What Makes a Guy 'Undateable'? Oh, Any of 311 Different Things

Mar 18th 2010 1:33PM Let me add these....
A man who doesn't believe in God. I am not a fanatic but come on. A man without a soul is so empty and practical, believe in miracles please. Science just may have been created by God.
Bad spelling, yes. Not just a few words, we all have those, but if you don't care enough to educate yourself a little then you just don't care.
Too much cologne!!!!! We should only notice your cologne if we are nuzzling your neck. Otherwise you smell like a cheap man whore.
A flash car. It is about your huge look at me ego. What you make sure your wife drives one day is about your pride.
Making any inappropriate passes or comments. You will know when they are appropriate. You want a whore? Go pay for one. You want a woman? Treat us as such.


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