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Father Richard Byrne S.J.

Father Richard Byrne S.J.

Member Since May 10th, 2006

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How Family's Cross-Country Move Became a Load of Trouble

Jun 30th 2013 2:32PM Jurusium movers in NYC got caught in a sting pulling the same scam 20 Years ago. Nothing changers but the names.

Bethesda remembers Fallout 3 concept artist Adam Adamowicz

Feb 19th 2012 8:26AM @(Unverified) vien and vein are both wrong

Bethesda remembers Fallout 3 concept artist Adam Adamowicz

Feb 19th 2012 8:25AM @Andrew12h Vane,. not vien

CoreLogic Report Shows Sharp Drop in Foreclosures for 2011

Feb 11th 2012 6:52PM Freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose.

Exploring the world's tallest structure - the Burj Khalifa

Jul 8th 2011 4:39PM 59 feet a second computes to 40 MPH. Check my math.

Testing: 8 Odd Ways to Get Rid of Ants

Jul 7th 2011 3:09PM I pour a cup of gas down the ant hole, outdoors of course, it works great.

City Bans Breast-Feeding Children Older Than 2 in Public

May 19th 2011 9:17PM Males should never breastfeed in Public.

Michelle Tackled Portion Control and Lost 100 Pounds

Mar 17th 2011 10:05AM Too much gym for me. I strole in the park for 15 minutes a day and lost nothing.

A Penny Saved

Mar 15th 2011 3:27PM After $25.00 the pennies are not legal tender. He must cash them in for proper paper. HOWEVER, to make a media event, one man brought in a bucket with cow's blood and dollar bills to the IRS who DID accept them, calling for a junior clerk: "Oh Boy,clean this up." A receipt was given when the count was verified by the clerk. The same goes for Cash. A Texan brought in one million dollars to a real estate broker who instructed the Texan to HIRE A CLERK himself to cash it in on the first floor just in case of a robbery on the way. The liability was the Texan's until the bank draft returned.

Charlie Sheen Hospitalized, In Serious Condition

Jan 27th 2011 4:40PM He was looking for his watch in the most unusual hiding place.


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