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Upfronts News Roundup: Bubble Show Updates

May 17th 2010 2:45PM I watch V and it is getting really boring. about to stop watching it. Flashforward i like...sometimes boring..but i like it..and Human Target is one of my very favorites..that is a hit show to me...brothers and sisters has never been an interest to me. looks too soap opera. the others i have never watched. didnt peak my interest in the previews.

How to Choose a Terrific Bathtub

Mar 1st 2010 1:39PM dont forget Vikrell. how does it compare to acrylic?

Munchkins From 'Wizard of Oz' Reunion Video

Oct 8th 2009 8:52AM I JUST watched this show last night. It is such an awesome show. made in 1939...before my time, its such a wonderful movie. I hope it goes on for years and years too come..

30 Coolest Things About Elvis

Jan 8th 2009 2:49PM Well to tell you the truth, his hair naturally was a medium brown. He died his hair black so it would show up better on the Television screen. Not for any particular movie. I just watched a documentary on him and thats what they said.

Fluorescent light bulbs: green and toxic

Jan 13th 2008 2:29PM These bulbs are just as safe as the long ones we have used for years in stores. in fact, the t-12's (the ones used for many years)have mercury in them. the new T-8's and T-5's are better. as for disposal, these bulbs will last up to 7 years. by then, i think the US will find a better way to dispose of them. If you need to discard before then, contact your local Home Improvement store. they can help. I feel that these bulbs have such a small amout of mercury in them, that you would have to eat them to get sick. i swear, people freak out over the stupidess stuff like this. the flourescent bulbs that have been used for years have more mercury in them than the newer bulbs. are you dead yet? do you know anyone that has got sick from these? did they eat them? be realistic...people on this Earth are always looking for the negative. think positive, my God.. my whole house is with the Compact flourescents. i love them. i saved 50 dollars the first time i installed all of the bulbs. ..Oh Oh..I think I am having a heart attack Elizabeth....Give me a break!!! Now for people that want to understand the lighting for the new bulbs. if you shop at Home Depot, the bulbs that are in the green packages, they give off your typical yellowish tint like your everyday light bulb. the blue packaged ones, are called daylight. not sure why cause they are not. they have a bluish tint and take a minute or two to warm up. they seem more like a mood setting bulb. lower lightng. dont use these for getting your correct color for paint on walls, makeup etc. the red packages are your bright white. they warm up very fast and give you the most accurate lighting. in fact these are my favorite. i use these in my bathroom for applying my makeup etc. As for using them in touch lamps, ALL of these bulbs wont work properly. They also make bulbs for dimming lights. make sure you purchase the correct ones. they will say dimming bulbs on them. and if you wait a little longer, i am sure they will come out with every kind of bulb for every fixture out there. just give them time. So enjoy your new curly cues.... :)

'Idol' Breaks Down on TV

Nov 10th 2007 4:30PM I agree Kellie looked like Lori Morgan. even though i liked her little school girl look, she is still beautiful . ididnt know why shw was crying either. But it was definitely sorrowing to watch her. i knew it meant something but didnt know what. Its ok Kellie..we all have our personal songs..

Miracle Puppy Needs a Name

Aug 15th 2007 10:03PM ADDY for Adorable

Celebrity Crushes -- the Fans Strike Back

Mar 16th 2007 7:15AM What about Steve Irwin?? The Croc Hunter. I love this guy. he is infectious. i watch him show after show. he is so full of life, love, and energy. this guy has touched my heart. i am so sad to know i wont see any more new shows of his. i love his blonde locks and big smile. hew is in my thoughts everyday.
Also i have my music fav. Gary Allan. i have loved this guy since he came out with Smoke Rings in the Dark. His voice makes me melt.

Britney and Paris? Not so much.

Dec 1st 2006 3:29AM Please just leave Brittney alone. K-Fed isnt anything close to being anything better. AS long as the kids are safe, let her party. shes young..she can. enjoy life will she can...

Cinematical Seven: Bald Chicks

Aug 16th 2006 10:59PM You forgot about Demi Moore in GI Jane


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