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Unusual Uses for Chalk

Jun 14th 2010 3:29PM Yea, chalk does NOTHING to keep out ants. They walk right over it. and into my kitchen...

Is This the Worst Summer for Movies Ever?

Jun 8th 2010 4:23PM Maybe if ticket prices weren't 8-10 per person and popcorn wasn't $5 for a small. If I am gonna spend $50-$100 on a night out with the family, we're going somewhere soooo much better than the movies.

The movies used to be a $20-$30 night and was very doable. But I REFUSE to spend more money on going to the movies than on day passes to Great Wolf Lodge!!!

'Grey's Anatomy' Season Finale: Watch It Here!

May 21st 2010 2:52PM Seriously, when Owen walked in on Meredith sitting down for the surgery and his got bog around as golf balls, I KNEW that guy was in there. I didn't think he would have the gun at Christina's head though. And Avery was a friggin GENIOUS the way he unplugged those wires to show Derek "die."

Reed getting shot in the beginning was totally unexpected! I wonder what that chick did to piss off the writers!

Red Hot Chili Peppers Guitarist John Frusciante Is Top 'Axeman'

Apr 12th 2010 12:25PM The guy from the RHCP just went, "me, seriously? I'm good, man but I'm no Clapton" (or Vaughn, or Van Halen, or Townsend, etc, etc)

Catholic Preschool Boots Child Because Parents Are Lesbians

Mar 9th 2010 11:19AM I agree with the statement from the Priest of the church "If a child of gay parents comes to our school, and we teach that gay marriage is against the will of God, then the child will think that we are saying their parents are bad. We don't want to put any child in that tough position..." The child is in preschool and not at the age of accountability. Until such a time happens, NO ONE should teach that their parents are "bad" whether they are or aren't. And let's face it people, just because you may not be gay doesn't mean you aren't bad. I am a Christian and I am a sinner. We all are. No matter what we believe or don't believe. It doesn't matter what Bible you choose to read or follow. They all say we are sinners and they are all right in that regard. Did you know that God considers a sin a sin, no matter the degree. Therefore, in His eyes, lying is just as bad as adultery which is just as bad as murder which is just as bad as any other thing we are told to not do. And yet we do them. And God knows we do them (no matter how much we hide them from everyone else.) Just because they are lesbians doesn't mean they don't believe in God. It just means they are in sin, as are we all. And you know what, they aren't in sin just because they are lesbians, they are in sin for the 1000 other things they do in a day that they shouldn't. As do we all.

Tween Forced to Take Pregnancy Test

Feb 11th 2009 1:49PM My hope is that it wouldn't be the Counselors baby. Maybe that's why the test was forced. He wanted to know if he had to "take care of it"

POLL: What Are the Best Marriages in Hollywood?

Dec 4th 2007 1:08PM Definitely going to agree with Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward. I mean anytime you see the headline Best Hollywood marriages, you just assume you would see them listed. Very shocked that they weren't. And seriously, Ellen and Portia???


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