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Sandra Carrillo

Sandra Carrillo

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House Flippers Inflated the Housing Bubble, Report Says

Dec 13th 2011 7:40PM Hindsight is a chore, but necesary before we can properly roll up our sleeves and get to work or we will just repeat our mistakes. For example, when foreclosures finally get on the market, will regular folk get a shot at a bargain or will speculators run up the price and start a bubble all over again? We also need to remember that flippers weren't the sole cause of the crisis. We need to identify all the problems before we can work on correcting them.

Royally Confused? British Slang, Decoded

Apr 23rd 2011 10:29PM my English "trouble" of 20+ years calls it a "hen do" and "stag do"

Teen Drinking at Home: Helpful or Harmful?

Mar 9th 2011 12:55AM There is an important distinction to be made. It may be helpful to allow kids to join the family in a drink on a special occasion, event, or meal. It would be unhealthy to supply kids with unlimited amounts of alcohol. What's critical is the attitude toward alcohol that the family models, if adults drink responsibly and with restraint, or do they drink to get drunk.

Brianne Matthews: Of Softball, Sorrow

Mar 12th 2010 1:38PM There is something wrong with this country when the only way out that these kids think they have, is to kill themselves.

Mental illness is alive and well in the US. Of course, no one is to blame and I am not pointing fingers, and I know that if someone truly wanted to kill themselves, they will. But the question remains to be asked, if people knew that she was depressed did they offer her help? No guidance counselors, no teachers? Depression is killing our kids, whether we want to think about that or not. Wake up people! Get our kids help. Services should be available to Kids like Brianne.

Hopefully her death will not be in vain, and we will learn something from her death.

Burger King Unveils 'Secret Weapon' for New Steakhouse XT Burger Line

Feb 24th 2010 4:58PM at this rate, our bodies will never decompose with all of these chemicals they put in our food

The Dangers of Laundry Detergent Overload

Feb 6th 2010 5:21PM The only people winning here are the soap manufacturers, of course they want you to use more than is needed, thats how they make their money. I have noticed big tears in some articles of bedding and clothes, and we were trying to figure out whether these tears came from the soap, or the machine themselves, anyone have any ideas?

Duggars Present Baby #19

Jan 28th 2010 10:34PM listen to nana, she knows stuff

Duggars Present Baby #19

Jan 28th 2010 10:28PM you guys obviously know little about preemies, many of them grow to be normal in every way, some may be a little slow, but that is what makes them special.

if someone told you to stop having kids, would you? this family is living the american dream, did you know that they are debt free, or at least they were last i heard, not that its any of our business. leave them alone, please.

Woman Goes Undercover to Get Her Husband Out of Jail

Nov 9th 2009 4:12PM again, by freeing the guy, what does it teach the kids? you do the crime, you get your hand slapped, and you cry and whine and then you get what you want, sorry kids, life doesnt quite work that way. I think this has done a disservice to the children. Kids learn to adapt more easily than we so called grown ups. They deserve better than a druggy, and a mother that is willing to put their lives and their livelihood, in danger.

Woman Goes Undercover to Get Her Husband Out of Jail

Nov 9th 2009 2:48PM I don't understand. How can one cooperate with the police to reduce the prison sentence of another? The author of the article calls her supermom for endangering herself and her 6 kids to help a guy who deals meth and abandons his responsibilty as husband and father? Unless there's much more to the story, this is disgraceful.


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