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Maria Shriver: 'This Is a Painful and Heartbreaking Time'

May 17th 2011 2:28PM Why are we all so surprised. They all do it or want too.

A Colorful Kitchen Makeover Via Posters

Apr 26th 2011 4:45PM That looks like mine without the Jackie Kennedy poster!

Pear-Shaped Women: What to Wear for Spring

Mar 18th 2011 11:38AM I like to wear colorful scarfs and necklaces to bring the eye on top and of course watching what you eat to keep the weight down. That seems to work for me.

She Found Out Her Fiance Was Gay

Jan 5th 2011 4:20PM I am going with a high school friend from 40 yrs ago. we are both in our early 60s now. I have always know of him to be gay or biosexual not really sure at this point. He moved back to our hometown after being gone all those years and now has persued wanting a relationship with me calling me his girlfriend etc. Is it typical for an older man to want to settle down in a traditional straight relationship. Anyone have thoughts on this subject. Thanks

Middle-Aged Women and Short Hair -- What Gives?

Oct 26th 2010 7:27PM I am 60 and have long blonde hair and am in great shape.. I love it and would never cut it. Take care of yourself no matter what age you are and you will always have that youthful look. It is more about the attitude than the hair cut. If you feel good and have that bounce in your step you will look good too. .

Of Course I Like You -- Here's Why I Don't Want to Date You

Oct 16th 2010 9:26AM My best gay guy friend is more to me than a friend now. I went from loving him to being in love with him.

Emma Watson Debuts Pixie Cut

Aug 6th 2010 9:36AM We all have to wear that cut at least 1 time in our lifetime.

Jon Bon Jovi, Rock 'n' Roll's Premiere Family Man

Jul 28th 2010 9:59AM I LOVE BON JOVI. Sexy Hottie!!

Giorgio Armani in White Speedo at Age 76

Jul 26th 2010 9:09AM Maybe the speedos are sagging because he just got out of the water. You know how water will do that to your suit. I think he is still a handsome man that keeps in shape.

'Bachelorette' Ali Down To Two

Jul 20th 2010 9:41AM Tables turn and she got just what she did to Jake. What I was wondering did she actually sleep with both these guys last night. What a poor thing to teach the kids that are watching. Sleep with them all and then decide who is better in the sack. I think Roberto sweats too much and the landscaper would be the better pick for the long haul.


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