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Colin Horvath

Colin Horvath

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What Life Is Like for Lindsay Lohan Behind Bars

Jul 21st 2010 4:26PM Lindsay...The idea of you being handcuffed with your hands behind your back and kept behind bars is the sort of thing guys fantasize about. You could be my prisoner anytime. Don't think your time in jail is wasted. We enjoy every minute!

Mission Makeover: From Small Town Girl to Hollywood Glam

May 2nd 2010 1:32AM Whats the point. She went from looking like an attractive clean cut girl to looking like a hooker.

Create the Look: Jennifer Aniston's Platform Bed

Apr 17th 2010 1:29PM You forgot the most important part. Where do you pick up another Jennifer Aniston to make this bed so desirable. I'd sleep on a broken glass covered concrete floor with her as my bed mate. She is hot and seems like a nice girl also. Not a normal combo.

Teen's charity name draws the McIre of McDonald's

Jan 23rd 2010 7:59AM She got Mc Busted

18 Jobs to Rebuild and Modernize America

Dec 23rd 2009 6:07PM I have a hard time believing teachers earn as much as they do. I cannot believe they can earn the amounts quoted above. They earn way to much for part time seasonal work as it is. Without unions they may get paid what they are worth, have larger classes and not be coddled the way they are. Maybe $15 an hour at max for teachers salaries. Complain all you want about the work and preparation you go through after hours and welcome to the real world. Many people including myself are dedicated to their jobs and have to work all year including time spent after hours preparing for our jobs.

Female Teachers Caught Nude Together in Brooklyn HS Classroom

Dec 11th 2009 1:02PM I think this should be settled through a reenactment in front of the school board, students and other concerned individuals. The janitor could stand by to make sure every move was as he remembers and then it could be determined if what they were doing was inappropriate by a vote. I think a video should be made and then let the rest of us judge the behavior for ourselves

A Taco Bell Manager's Guide to Drive-Thru Etiquette

Dec 9th 2009 12:04PM First of all when you go to a drive through you aren't in a hurry. I'm in and out of most places before drive through people get waited on. Sit there for an hour and let your fat lazy ass burn gas so you can stuff your face with fast fatty food. Exercise and get out of your car. Walk and stand for a few minutes. Maybe sit down in the place and eat while not driving. If you have time to wait in drive through lines you certainly have time to eat inside. This does not apply to handicapped people or when the inside lobby is closed.

Beyonce, Taylor and Gaga Are Queens of Grammy Nom Night

Dec 3rd 2009 12:09PM Am I imagining it or is there more awards shows each year and less talent. Not to take away from the artist that win the awards because I like the ones who are nominated but I think the significance of every award is diminished when there are so many awards that are almost identical. Many artist are nominated in many genres of music which is bogus. They should claim a style and then let the nominations begin limiting the artist to one particular style.

Playboy outsources magazine's business operations

Nov 25th 2009 12:19AM Playboy is an institution. There are some basic rules to it's presentation that have withstood time. Unfortunately the taste of the public has diminished to trash and they look for photos of women who are in the process of giving an anatomy lesson. Class, taste and the fashion in which Playboy approaches sexual matters is Playboys alone. They use few four letter words in published articles as they are not necessary to express facts, stories or opinion when the reader has a capable vocabulary . Playboy may be fading but then again so is the generation that has the intellect to appreciate it.

Lou Dobbs Eyeing Career in Politics

Nov 24th 2009 6:55AM Anyone who opposes the USA liberal immigration policies is OK by me. If Lou's only talent as a elected official was to stop the entry of and remove all the illegal inhabitants (nothing alien about them) of this country I'd vote for him. Maybe he cold promote the removal of Puerto Rico as a territory. The USA has enough debt problems without having that territory continuously bleeding our economy. They don't want to be a state so cut them loose. I'm not a racist. I'm a CULTURIST (not a real word) and fond of the culture of the USA and not very happy about those that want to live here who don't want to assimilate into our lifestyle. I travel to cities all over the USA and Canada and never felt more like I was in the USA I knew as a child then when I was in Vancouver BC. Now we live in the land of Taco Bell. There hasn't been one good thing about the Latino influence on the American culture. It has diluted the progress of our country as we coddle their functionally illiterate lifestyle. I'm all for immigration according to the laws already in place a decade ago. My motto is "If you want to Immigrate Assimilate" Go Lou Dobbs!


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