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Florida Homeowner's 'Naked Hangout Club' Upsets Neighbors

Jul 23rd 2013 8:52PM Sounds like the perfect place for Weiner to go on vacation!

Single-Family Rental Houses Draw Millions Impacted by Foreclosure Crisis

Jul 23rd 2012 1:01AM You are right to ask that! The way the country is going, there will be no social security to depend on and we will all be up the creek without a paddle. Jobs are now (just about) part time and no benefits! God Help us all!!!

Leopard-Print Dresses & Keyhole Necklines, Celebrity Looks of the Week

Feb 12th 2011 7:26AM I love Demi, but she needs to get rid of the long hair. It makes her look older!

Emotional Vampires: The 5 Most Common Types -- And How to Slay Them

Jan 31st 2011 8:21AM Yes, we all know them and she's right!! Afraid of being impolite! I'm just not polite anymore and
tell them right up front! If this person calls, I do not hide!!!! I answer my phone and tell them I am not in the mood to talk today, perhaps another time! I love it when they say "it's all about you!" because they try to get you off guard. Doesn't bother me anymore because I learned to deal with it myself and don't even feel one pang of guilt! You have to understand that "these" people really don't care about you, they just want someone to listen to them and their sob stories or how things were in the past, etc. Remember, if someone takes advantage of you, it's because YOU let them!!

Best Outback Favorites

Jan 31st 2011 6:58AM Outback was great.....years back! There are three within a twenty mile radius around me. We
have tried all three and the food has really gone down hill. They screw up the orders, overcook
the steak, or spice it up when you don't want it spiced, then you have to wait for it while everyone else at the table is eating. Not good! Wouldn't go back! Frankly, I don't know how they stay in

Dooney & Bourke - High Quality Handbags Under $250

Dec 20th 2010 7:38AM What's wrong with you people! These handbags are made in China!
It probably costs them about five bucks each to make! Wake up!!!

Capri Anderson Describes Infamous Night With Charlie Sheen

Nov 22nd 2010 4:35PM You guys hit the nail right on the head! Any judge that allows
this hoopla in a court of law should be thrown out! She lIVES in the porn world!

Power to the Consumer: Searchable Database of Product Safety Complaints Soon to be Online

Nov 15th 2010 10:27AM Don't buy tv's from Sears...they don't honor their installation warranties that are SUPPOSED to be good for a year!

Conan's First Night Audience: Young and Plentiful

Nov 10th 2010 1:01PM Exactly!! Well said!

Judge Denies Bail, Takes Lindsay Lohan Into Custody

Sep 24th 2010 7:01PM For Gawds sake..............Press has got to realize, these are people, stop cramming this crap
down our throat!!! We actually have lives!!!!!! If you follow this, sorry, you need a life!!!!


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