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Judge to Mom: 'You Don't Spank Children'

Jun 21st 2011 4:48PM Thank You Dougal! A whack on the bottom is not abuse! Parents should not be made to fear disciplining their children. These judges should think of the future when they are going to meet these undisciplined people fact to face.

Florida Ob-Gyns Turning Away Overweight Women

May 18th 2011 7:51PM Unfortunately these practices are turning away the patients who are least likely to seek medical attention in the first place and probably the group in the most need of monitoring. I see nothing wrong with having an obese patient sign a waver that they have been told the risks of their condition and if they do not take steps to improve their health, the doctor is not liable for complications arising from their obesity. That said, these doctors also have to practice morality over mercantilism. If a patient is too heavy to carry a child to term, definately do not inseminate them with 8 or more embyos. Yeah I know, what was I thinking. People accepting liability for their actions? Morality & conscience in doctors? I think most in both parties are what they should be, those few rotten apples though...

Easter Eggs? Call Them 'Spring Spheres,' Seattle Teacher Reportedly Instructs Teen Volunteer

Apr 12th 2011 1:59PM I always felt it was really prejudicial that most anti religious decisions at schools are really anti christian religion. We even learned about western religions in class. I think no one should feel pressured to participate in any religion related activity but to ban all makes it a taboo. It shouldn't be, it should be something to be explored and embraced as we learn about our differences. I would have welcomed experiencing and learning about all different cultural and religious customs. For those who feel threatened by being exposed to different ways , Why is that? Is your faith so weak that it will be overcome? Or is your god like Hitler? That isn't a god I would want to embrace.

Breast Milk Baby Doll Teaches Kids to Breast-Feed

Mar 30th 2011 4:07PM I am not opposed to this doll, I just don't like the strap on flowers. it is rediculous! Kinda takes away the natural element when you need to put on your "breasts" first. That aside, why? Any baby doll will suffice & children would naturally gravitate to immitating. So would I ever buy this for my kid? No.

Why Are Companies Still So Inflexible With Working Mothers?

Mar 24th 2011 2:40PM I wonder if blame is not misplaced. I ended up being a stay at home mom. Not because I feel moms don't belong in the work place but out of my husband and my self he had the better education an better income potential. When a position opened up before we had children that would require relocation, my husband was willing to change jobs and even be a stay at home father. The current job marketplace is getting increasingly more demanding of those who are still employed. While I don't feel it is fair of large corporations to exploit their salaried employees that way, it is the way things are. One parent has to be the one who is willing to leave work early if a child is ill, be available for extracurricular transportation, pick up from day care etc. Why did it have to be the mother that is also the astrophysicist? This is something couples need to work out. Women do not have something in their DNA that makes us better at kiddy carpooling. Rather than blaming the companies (who are not without blame) look to your spouse. Or move to Las Vegas where day care is available 24 hours a day.

How your smartphone's GPS can get out of a speeding ticket

Feb 24th 2011 6:07PM At a merge in the road, a big box van blew past me. I was pulled over and ticketed for speeding when the van passed me with so much speed that my car swayed in the breeze. In reality it was because my car was profiled as one that a drug dealer might drive. I got it second hand from my grandparents from Florida. They had the widows tinted dark against the sun & due to cataracts had it painted a really bright color. Aside from the hideous look, it was a great car at a great deal. I was pulled over more during the 2 years I had that car for so many made up infractions that I finally sold it. Havent had a single ticket in the 18 years since. The point is sometimes the cops may want to pull you over to have a look, but are usually too egotistical to let you go when they realize you are not up to anything. Police officers are human and subject to all of the same imperfections the rest of us may be guilty of. Just because it is an officer does not mean they are perfect or honest, just in the seat of power. Remember every detail and cooperate.

GoodGuide's Dog Food Ratings: Which Products Are Best and Worst?

Feb 16th 2011 3:36PM My dog had trouble eating kibble without getting sick. After tryingmany brands we found one that didn't make her sick but caused allergies & the vet then wanted her to live on allergy medicine. I said foret it and I make her food. She is so healthy now with no stomach or skin issues. I make a huge pot of it, freeze it in bags and it is cheaper & healthier than the best food on the market.

SmackDown: Should Teachers Be Allowed to Blog About Their Students?

Feb 15th 2011 7:26PM This is sticky. As a citizen of the united states she has the right to state her opinion. Here's the rub: Educational institutions of all levels are cracking down on people who perpetuate social stigma using the internet, or cyber bullying. Unfortunately because she did dot hide her identity whether she named her students or not their class mates will know who they are and use the teachers remarks to ridicule them. She became a victim because of her own careless behavior. If she password protected her site or wrote anonymously she should have nothing to worry about. Because she did not she left herself exposed. No different than a financial loss because of not taking the right online precautions. She is dealing with minors and is really not allowed to publicize their growing pains without guardian approval. I am a firm believer in the first amendment and I don't agree with alot of what schools try to do to compensate for the fast paced world but I think she dug her own grave with this one.

Gisele B√ľndchen Brews Controversy by Calling Sunscreen 'Poison'

Feb 5th 2011 7:11PM sunscreen has not been around long. we are just now beginning to see the effects of what could happen a couple of decades down the line. Even when i was a child sun screen was mild. Most only had an spf of 4-10. It is alrealready proven however that many ingredients found in sunscreen can have negative effects in high doses. Most dermatologists and skin care professionals are recommending wearing sunscreen everyday, year round. As a person with very fair skin I seriously limit my sun exposure any way but also because that wonderful sunscreen causes my skin to become red, inflamed, and has even cause broken capillaries on my face. I am not telling people to bake themselves like peolple used to but be cautious. There are dangerous chemicals in many things. I am an intelligent mother of 3 and I feel the same way about many things as she does. And not a new mother like her. I do not have the financial wherewithall to buy these all natural products. (Interject a complaint tothe industry here: Why is any product more expensive the fewer things you put in it? And suddenly it is "gourmet" or "specialty"? The woman is stating her opinion,that is all. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. I say do your own thing and venture forth with your eyes open.

Elton John Magazine Censored By 'Family Shield' in Supermarket

Jan 27th 2011 9:48AM It wasn't shoved down anyones throat. They posed with their son, just brad & angela & countless other couples. You are overly sensitive.


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