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NBA Legend Pat Riley's $16.8 Million Florida Home To Be Demolished

Feb 11th 2013 3:38PM Some people have more money than common sense.

10 products you're wasting your money on

Jun 17th 2010 2:35PM I found a unique way to recycle those squishy plastic water bottles. Take an empty bottle with or without the cap and push down into an old worn out sock. Tie the top of the sock securely and WaaLah.... the neatest toy my dog ever had. He literally loves it. When he bites it, it makes a crackling sound and the size is just perfect for him to carry around. (My dog is a small dog... a larger dog might be able to actually tear the bottle up with his teeth-but depending on your dog, he might also enjoy it.)

Unusual Uses for Aspirins

Jun 4th 2010 12:33PM When you have a toothache, if you will put an aspirin on your tooth it will dull the pain, too!

What Is Your Dog Eating?

Jul 19th 2008 8:21PM After the scare with dog food containing wheat and corn, my daughter, who is a former vet tech, searched long and hard for a good food for her dogs and cat. She used Natural Balance for a while and then came across another very natural brand that was even more natural and is comprised of the meats that dogs love as well as a few vegetables that add vitamins to their diet. The brand is called Taste of the Wild and is mostly available in feed stores. You can google their website and locate a feed store in your area that carries it... the site is They have products for either cats or dogs in several different blends.

Top 25 things vanishing from America: # 6 -- Drive-in theaters

Jul 15th 2008 12:03PM Epstein is mistaken on one point. There are a few new drive-in theaters. One I know for certain was built in 2006 and added a screen in 2007. It's located near Tomball, Texas.

Diet Coke gets a little healthier

May 30th 2008 7:32PM Well, if all of this be true, I should be crawling or dead. I have enjoyed diet coke ever since about 1983... and I'm still in fairly good health for my age. Have a little high blood pressure, but that runs in my family.

Produce storage tips and tricks

Jan 1st 2008 12:11PM The green bags can be found at both Carol Wright Gifts ( and at Harriet Carter ( The price is basically the same, but I believe the postage is less from them.


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