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Ryan McFarland

Ryan McFarland

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The pros and cons of a low flow shower head

Jul 17th 2008 1:06PM George,

You can see in the photo that I have a pressure gauge that is threaded into a nylon fitting in a brass fitting. The hardware stores in my town are quite small and they had all of the pieces that I needed - I just didn't know quite what I needed until there. Ask for a pressure gauge first. You'll want one that goes to 100-150 PSI just to be sure. Then work backward. If you can't find something local I'm willing to mail mine to you as a loaner.

Win $17,000 for your yard

Apr 14th 2008 8:18PM I'm afraid not. Born in PA, raised in NY, and now live in Alaska.

Stop your cats from unrolling the toilet paper

Mar 5th 2008 4:58PM Sure do. It is linked in the post.
But the basic idea is to find things that interlock and will let water through. Rocks on top of the soil will work but seashells, coral, pine cones or even kids toys have worked well for me.

Sixteen year-old converts gas guzzling truck to electric

Jan 31st 2008 6:22PM Neat news. I'd like to read about how he did it but the link to the original article seems to be broken.

Circuit board luggage tags

Jan 31st 2008 12:38PM I actually hopped on a plane the day that this was posted. Unfortunately, I traveled with just a carry-on so I wasn't able to test the testers. In March I will fly in and out of D.C. so will give them a try then. Aside from being detained the worst that can happen is they will throw them away!


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