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Single Charlie Sheen Ditched by Remaining Goddess

Jun 27th 2011 1:34PM Not even Lindsey is that depserate.

Single Charlie Sheen Ditched by Remaining Goddess

Jun 27th 2011 1:31PM Did he make her give him all the herpes back ?

Rosie O'Donnell Thinks Chris Brown Haters Are Racist

Apr 4th 2011 2:40PM Dont matter what color he is . ANY Man that beats a Woman is a sorry piece of crap. Plus She is a hypocrite of the worst ilk. She has always criticized others for doing the same things she does on a daily basis.

George Lopez makes 'fat' jokes at Kirstie Alley's expense

Mar 24th 2011 8:19PM WWeeellll George She can always go on a diet.. You on the other hand will always be ugly.....Just food for thought.

Whoopi Goldberg Misfires in Attack on Article About Black Oscar Winners

Feb 14th 2011 8:01PM We simply cannot get past the Race thing......Can we ?

Anderson Cooper Decides to Leave Egypt

Feb 6th 2011 8:34PM Easier to talk bad about people from afar huh Anderson ? Just goe to show you whos for real and whos just a poser.

Anderson Cooper Attacked By Protesters in Egypt

Feb 2nd 2011 5:12PM Hey Mr Cooper next time wear a Helmet.

Ron Reagan Clears Up Alzheimer's Distraction, Talks 'SNL' and Sarah Palin

Jan 30th 2011 11:16PM Mr.Reagen served his Counrty and its Citizens. What has Young Mr. Reagen ever done for anyone except himself ? The fact that he dont like Ms. Palin speaks well for her.

The Best Handmade Holiday Gift I Ever Received

Dec 17th 2010 8:44PM This Year we sent gifts to the Grandkids ( All are under 6 ) But to our 4 Sons and they're wives we sent the Family Geneaology going back to the 1700s as well as a DVD with all of the family Photos we could find , Photos going back as far as my Great GrandParents that they have never seen before. Photos of the Kids as Babies and continuing thru Adulthood.Including the same of My Wife and Myself. ( Gosh I was a cute kid) wonder what happened oh yeah I got old. We felt that giving them the gift of they're roots would help both them and Future Decendants later on down the road.Maybe we can get little closer emotionally ...I hope. Merry Christmas to everyone.

Thora Birch Fired From 'Dracula'; Dad Is Blamed

Dec 14th 2010 6:39PM Her Dad was always arrogant and pushy. Perhaps its time for a new Manager.


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