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Claire Morris

Claire Morris

Member Since Jan 3rd, 2008

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Is Glenn Beck Going Blind? What Is Macular Dystrophy?

Jul 20th 2010 7:40PM You're a good, decent man Mr. Beck. My prayers are with you.

Kate Gosselin Tells Her Story in New Book

Feb 9th 2010 11:01AM Judge - and be judged.

Decision to try 9/11 detainees in New York provokes heated debate

Nov 13th 2009 10:00PM America will be on trial not the terrorists. It is all part of the President's plan. Think about it! There's not enough room here to explain my comment. Just THINK!!!

How to treat a cold sore

Jan 3rd 2008 6:15PM You are absolutely right about L-Lysine. My husband suffered all his life with cold sores. Since using L-Lysine he rarely has an outbreak.


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