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Susan Fisher

Susan Fisher

Member Since Jan 6th, 2008

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What's out: The Atkins diet. What's in: The Cookie Diet?

Nov 21st 2008 5:33PM When everyone talks about weight loss programs, no one ever mentions TOPS, acronym for Take Off Pounds Sensibly.

It is a non-profit weight loss support group. Annual national dues are only $26 and monthly local chapters dues of $5.

They educate members with programs on nutrition & exercise and have a weekly weigh in, with a chapter meetings
acknowledging member accomplishments with awards and praise.

You follow your own diet and don't have to BUY into any type of food program.

It is the United States oldest weight loss support group that
celebrated it 60th anniversary last year.

I have lost close to 50 pounds in just one year with this groups support. More people should check into this!

20 excellent extra uses for milk

Jan 5th 2008 7:23PM Put the china in cold milk then boil.

20 excellent extra uses for milk

Jan 5th 2008 7:21PM Buy milk at gas stations, pharmacies and fruit stands. Grocery stores
prices are inflated.


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