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50 Greatest Guitar Riffs in Rock 'n' Roll -- Part 2

Apr 8th 2011 12:57AM Ever heard Alvin Lee Ten Years After "GOIN' HOME" ????????

Injured Kirstie Alley Refuses to Stop 'Dancing'

Apr 5th 2011 11:35PM Crisco....Fat in the can !!!!

Pete Townshend Regrets Joining 'The Who'

Mar 24th 2011 2:07AM He must have asked himself "Who are you....Who Who" !!

Cat Says 'Hey, Old Man, Have You Seen My Friends?'

Feb 21st 2011 3:04PM That's 25 seconds I'll never get back ! REALLY STUPID!!!

Reader Tip: Natural Window-Cleaning Solution

Jan 28th 2011 9:41PM Which vinegar do you use??? Cider...???Clear...??? Bad article !!!

My Unemployed Life: The Forgotten Woman

Nov 27th 2010 9:22PM I too am a 99er. My home is being auctioned Monday morning.I applied for food stamps and was told since I have no income since my unemployment ran out,I am NOT eligible for food stamps in NY because I have no means of visible support.I was told I could apply for welfare though. I am a proud Honorably discharged Veteran and will NOT apply for welfare.I see fellow americans trampling each other at 4 in the morning for the black Friday deals on gadgets and t.v's! I am not allowed into Canada anymore because of a DUI I had 23 years ago when I was young and stupid or I would move there.I am soooo sick of living on friggin' oatmeal,day after day after day! These Politicians could care less about us regular folk! I will not let them kill my spirit! I have and will somehow survive,even at 58 years of age with a heart attack at 43 and full blown diabetes diagnosed 5 years ago! I only hope that people at this upcoming Christmas season remember the true meaning.If you see somebody who is truley trying and just can't catch a break,lend them a hand up,because people like us don't want a handout !! May you all have a blessed christmas,even you slef serving politicians !!

LA 2010: Cadillac unwraps Urban Luxury Concept

Nov 17th 2010 11:45PM Man, I'd hate to get hit by a REAL Cadillac !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Eva Longoria Files for Divorce From Tony Parker

Nov 17th 2010 11:40PM As J. Geils sings "Love Stinks.....Yeah Yeah " !!!!!!!!

'Girls Gone Wild' Founder Joe Francis Ties the Knot

Nov 8th 2010 11:44PM Hey Joe,I went WILD with her a few years ago !! She was a good time !!

Miley Cyrus Shows Off Underwear During a Racy German TV Performance

Nov 8th 2010 11:42PM I wonder if it smells as bad as it looks ???


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