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Even eBay hurting in this ecomony

Jan 22nd 2009 12:38PM I hope they don't fail, i love ebay!!!
This is also an awesome one:

Hublot's Valentine Big Bang Red Gold Diamond Ladies Watch

Jan 23rd 2008 6:43PM oh wow, get this for free:

Stylish umbrella won't turn inside out

Jan 23rd 2008 6:26PM That is so clever! and simple too!
Thanks for the info.

Most Humiliating News Bloopers: No. 15

Jan 20th 2008 10:46PM Dang!!! That was rough Diane!!!!!!

Cat litter is for more than just your kitty's unmentionables

Jan 20th 2008 10:27PM There is no way I am putting cat litter ON MY FACE!!!!!!
That is almost as crazy as this:

Thrifted task chair gets a new look

Jan 20th 2008 10:24PM Wow! That's cool!
Check this out too:

Singer Falls Off Stage

Jan 20th 2008 10:22PM Dang!!!! That had to hurt!!!!

Burberry's $26,000 bag is...kind of average

Jan 20th 2008 9:18PM Has anyone seen this yet?
I looove this purse!!!!!!

Shiny leggings: The next big thing?

Jan 20th 2008 9:17PM Shiny is very cute!
I get all my fashion tips from Tiffany!


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