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Albert Cheung

Albert Cheung

Member Since Oct 31st, 2005

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Win a Lululemon SIGG Water Bottle!

Nov 17th 2009 1:07AM Yoga

20 useful things to do with bed sheets

Sep 3rd 2007 9:43AM For school I'm using bed sheets for a banner that will hang over our student center.

Wii Fanswag: Pokemon Battle Revolution giveaway

Aug 7th 2007 11:04PM I love Pokemon.

A look at how the PS3 got to be $600

May 29th 2006 9:30AM Yo yo yo... I think the PS3 is expensive in terms of gaming. However I think it would make a decent media device. My expectations are REALLY high for this console, but we'll wait and see.

Roundup: what you are (or will be) doing with Windows on your Mac

Mar 25th 2006 8:06PM I would play some Counterstrike: Source and Natural Selection.

Think of a new name for iPodderX

Nov 29th 2005 5:26PM PodcasterX, The iCasterX, iCast, iCastX, and iCaster?

SmashMyiPod nothing but a scam?

Oct 31st 2005 10:27PM Scam or not scam. He just jacked the donators $100. 20 Gig iPod 4G would probably cost about less then $300. Donations were worth $400. OWNED!


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