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Make Filing Your Taxes Less Painful and Less Costly -- Savings Experiment

Jan 28th 2011 1:06AM I've only ever used TaxSlayer and love it.

Tourist Killed By Bus At Walt Disney World

Dec 27th 2010 7:38PM another poster that managed to get from behind his AOL screen to the accident site, get past police, and to those involved's pockets looking for licenses, green cards, and more paperwork. You're one fast dude to be able to comment on an accident from behind your screen.

you're not welcome in a thread that requires compassion, understanding and caring. go find another thread that's more your style.

Tourist Killed By Bus At Walt Disney World

Dec 27th 2010 7:35PM So glad you went to where the man was laying, dug thru his personal effects while he laid there bleeding, and found his paperwork.

what a joker you are. go back to wherever YOUR family came from. Legal or not, you're not welcome in a world where you can't show compassion and caring.

Tourist Killed By Bus At Walt Disney World

Dec 27th 2010 7:33PM you msamuels are a clueless wonder. your comments show how ignorant you truly are. one can only hope you'd be willing to put on a black out scarf and TRY to see what it's like to BE blind instead of making insensitive, uncaring and unnecessary comments.

back to your rock, please. you're not wanted here.

Work Like Your Nail Color, Even if It's Nude

Jul 24th 2010 10:28PM So you posted a photo of a woman's hands with black polish being applied, but there's no mention of the color. Did anyone proofread the article before it was posted? I wish I could do MY media job this sloppily.

PS - my nails are always a shade of black - my fave is an OPI color called "Baby It's Cold Outside." Wonder what that says about me?

Are Cheryl and Chad Dating? 'Dancing With the Stars' Performance Report April 5

Apr 8th 2010 4:59PM Wow Cindy, sitting behind your computer bashing someone. It's SO WONDERFUL to read comments from someone who's NEVER met the woman. Get a life.

'Dancing With the Stars' March 30 Results

Mar 31st 2010 10:11PM I'm amazed at those of you that can make personal attacks on people you've never met. It's called TELEVISION. If you don't like it, CHANGE THE CHANNEL. It must hold some interest for you as you feel the need to make personal attacks and comments about people have never met.

You don't even need to get up off your butt - use your remote and turn it off if you're that upset.

Sneak Peek: LancĂ´me's 100% Natural Origin Juicy Tubes (Win One Of 10!)

Mar 28th 2010 10:42PM Love using Lancome lip gloss. I work as a sports photog and it stays great in my pocket and in my equipment bag no matter what I'm doing.

Is Kevin Smith Too Fat to Fly? (VIDEO)

Mar 7th 2010 1:10AM Calling ANYONE names is childish. Let's refrain from that behavior and discuss the issue. Airline seats are a certain specific size. People are not. If you cannot fit in the seat you are assigned to, and by that I mean NO portion of your body should flow into the seat on either side of you or over the edge of on the aisle, it's time for you to purchase two tickets, or to find an alternate means of transportation. I've flown with a very very large man next to me, who fell asleep ON my shoulder, drooled, and snored the whole trip. It was uncomfortable for me, but I had no recourse once the plane was in flight and he settled in. I dealt with it, however and at no point did I, or would I EVER stoop to the level of calling someone names because of size, or any other physical attribute. Shame on you all for the mean spirited comments.

If youre not happy, talk to your flight attendant. You DO have a few minutes before takeoff - quietly mention that you are not comfortable with the person beside you intruding into your paid for space. Just be an adult about it.

Happy flying.

People in Glass Houseboats: A Wave of the Future?

Mar 6th 2010 10:06PM wow Tammy, that was profound.


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