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Bill Volk

Bill Volk

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Your Kickstarter Vacation. My Money. No.

Apr 25th 2013 12:52PM Pam -- you nailed it.
The absolute arrogance of these guys in asking for vacation money from strangers, in order for them to enjoy a protracted good time on someone else's dime, is astonishing.
Do like you and your husband -- and the rest of us -- do; work for it.

The Legend Of The Black Bitch: A Scottish Homecoming

Oct 24th 2012 12:20PM Awesome indeed.

5 Southern Travel Tips For Women

Sep 6th 2012 1:22PM You're spot on -- as a long time resident of Georgia, I've very seldom seen an instance of folks failing to be pleasant or helpful.
And the BBQ is great!

Savannah: A Friendly Place

Aug 14th 2012 10:12AM As a long-time resident of Georgia, I can confirm that your experience is not unique. Most folks in this state are more than pleasant.

Video Of Dolphins Looks So Good It Doesn't Seem Real

Aug 14th 2012 8:32AM Nice engineering on the camera housing.
I've had a number of opportunities to dive with dolphins; great fun. The critters are playful, inquisitive, and speedy.
They interact with humans until they get bored, and then they're gone. Way too soon.

First Flight: How Travel Helped Me Grow Up

Aug 9th 2012 1:52PM A nicely written story; thanks for telling it.

Olympics-Inspired Man Attempts To Swim Across Atlantic, Only Makes It 300 Yards From Shore

Aug 2nd 2012 2:03PM No mention of alcohol involvement, but ... .

Prehistoric Tombs And Viking Graffiti In Orkney, Scotland

Jul 26th 2012 10:46AM If it's a Sean McLachlan post, I'm there ... .

Patriotism In The Heartland: Columbia MO Rallies To Shield A Fallen Soldier's Family From Anti-Gay Zealots

Jul 22nd 2012 12:49PM Thanks for posting the video; it's good to see that there are still patriotic folks in this country. They don't often get their due.

Reaching The Summit Of The United States' Most Visited Peak

Jul 11th 2012 4:52PM Nice post. There's another way to get to the top, via The Pikes Peak Ascent and Marathon. Up the east face, from Manitou Springs -- on Barr Trail -- for some 14 miles and 8000' feet elevation change. I ran it one July 3rd and it was snowing at the finish line. The tough guys -- not me -- turn around and head back down.


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