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Elin Nordegren Bulldozed $12 Million Mansion Due to Bugs

Jan 10th 2012 10:31PM So the home was built in the 1920's & she's overly concerned about it not performing well during a hurricane? I bet the builder & so called structural engineer had a little payola going on the side to get this stupid lady to tear this home down selling her a bill of goods it couldn't be restored. I've been in the business for 3 decades & I've never seen a home that couldn't be treated properly & the affected timbers replaced. The entire code section is a farce of overkill. Hurricane straps & clips bored into the foundation would have been all this beautiful old home needed. Elin got screwed again but not by Tiger this time.

Trimming the Tree With Oskar the Blind Kitten

Dec 17th 2011 8:43PM Ok, this is cute & all & I admit I laughed my butt off at the cat's antics but I just don't get the super passive part about letting the cat have it's way entirely without any type of discipline. She should have her tree & Oscar should be taught some manners.

HOA Forces Family to Remove Disabled Child's 'Therapy Home'

Dec 16th 2011 3:21PM If I was a judge ruling on this, I'd see the playhouse as a temporary fixture on the property much like the playground equipment on adjoining properties. If it was permanent, the HOA would have a case but it seems circumstances like this surely don't threaten surrounding property values or pose a nuisance to other homeowners..

84 Percent of Small Businesses Say U.S. Economy is on Wrong Track

Jul 13th 2011 1:31AM Richard, I read two sentences of your uneducated rant & figured quickly you might be one of the biggest idiots that's ever attempted to express themselves. You seem to have difficulty realizing the massive amount Obama's added to the deficit is by far the most any president has ever accounted for. Please go back to sniffing either the substance you're used to or the hind quarters of this dismal excuse of a president. You're more the reason we're in trouble than this clown you elected. The other posters are correct, we're doomed if he finds office again for 4 more yrs.

Dennis Quaid on Randy: 'I Love My Brother'

Apr 11th 2011 12:53PM So some of you guys think Dennis should give his talented brother Randy money for what? I mean where are the millions Randy ran through? Giving him more would do exactly what? The guy's on the run from the law turning up on stage in a foreign country & basically telling the world he's as mature as a snail & you guys think he's asking for help? He's telling the world "I don't give a damn" but please mail in your sympathy..

Oprah Won't Publicly Support Obama in 2012 Election

Apr 7th 2011 9:33AM O-bama

City Official Says Rats Damaging Tourism in NYC

Apr 6th 2011 1:43PM At least ten thugs in that car packing heat & they could have all put a cap in the rat! Did the rat have it's shots?

It Happened to Me: The Worst April Fool's Day Prank in the World

Apr 1st 2011 9:55AM Ok, so the guy went a little overboard with the "emotional part" of a day set aside for stupidity. I think this has more to say about you, Alison, not being able to understand the moment & move beyond that. Just sounds to me you fell apart from hello. Is that his fault or a character flaw exposed?

American Apparel and CEO Dov Charney Hit With $260 Million Sex Lawsuit

Mar 9th 2011 12:33PM This is complete crap. I know the guy's got a reputation & he's probably a sleeze but there's so many holes in this girl's story it's laughable. Unless she's a complete idiot, why didn't she report his behavior immediately before she became of age? So she's telling everyone she played along with this guy for 8 mos. hoping for job advancement & she says it's not consensual? Get a clue, when you became of age you gained rights as an adult to voice your case to the authorities for harrassment, after the fact doesn't (or shouldn't) cut it in the world of real justice. It's basically, you said this, he said that.

Charley Rosen: Carmelo Burns LeBron as Knicks Win in Miami

Feb 28th 2011 4:59PM Actually this is one silly article. At the least, these two guys played each other to a stalemate unless you're awarding style points & by that I'll point out one play where Lebron blew by Anthony so fast on a fast break the guy couldn't even react. Last night's game was won by the supporting cast (mainly Billups) & Amare was catching his groove with his new teammates. James couldn't win games single handedly at Cleveland & he can't at Miami as well. Being a tad more objective lends to credibility, the future of the Knicks is starting to take place but one night surely doesn't consummate the deal. Nobody's even close playing to the Mav's height over the past 20 games..


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