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Prevent Pipes from Bursting...and Fix Burst Pipes!

Jan 27th 2011 4:34PM A few years back we were gone over Christmas and returned Christmas day. Fortunately a neighbor had shut off the water the day the pipe in the garage wall burst. But when we got home from our trip we needed to clean up, plus go to work next day. We needed the water back on. I found a gas station that had some heater hose and hose clamps. I cut out a 2" section where the copper pipe burst, slid the heater hose about 1 12-2 inches over both pipe ends and clamped them down. That repair lasted several months until things warmed up and I ws able to make permanent repairs, including a valve to to shut off the water in that wall leading to an outdoor faucet. Now I make sure I have some spare heate hose and clamps available. Eight PM on Christmas day is not ideal time to try to locate hose and clamps The nearest open gas station that had some was almost 10 miles away.

Toys your kids want versus toys you'll want to give them

Nov 29th 2008 11:43PM For "Boys of ALL ages electric trains are a forever thing. the additions are almost limitless and the constant changing, building new accessories, villages, backgrounds, etc is something that can last forever. Surprisingly, a lot of girls can get into this too. Any hobby that involves construction of things and then improving or enlarging is something that can keep one going as long as the interest continues. Many of us older ones have also in our later years pulled these things out of the closets or attics and resumed. Another sure thing to give you a continuing bang for the buck is computers and their peripherals, Start basic, and upgrade as needed and/or affordable.these things will last almost forever and always have a use, from communication to education. when getting such things as printers, don't forget a supply of paper and cartridges for the printer. those first few ink cartridges will go faster than you expect.

Ashtrays and cigarette lighters going up in smoke

Jan 25th 2008 3:20PM I own a 2004 Jeep Liberty. It has lighter/12volt outlet in front and 12/volt outlet in rear. The front outlet keeps blowing fuses even when nothing is in use in it. I took it to the dealer for repairs and was told it was only intended for a lighter. That it is NOT INTENDED FOR cell phones, radio charger, emergency lighting etc. iN ADDITION IT ONLY HAS A 3 AMP FUSE, FAR TOO SMALL FOR USE FOR EVEN A LIGHTER. I have even attempted to contact Chrysler and they have not responded. This is pure BS. Looks like I will be going to a private repair shop. I don't miss the lighter and have no ashtray but I work in emergency services and need the outlet for other uses. My 96 Jeep has dual outlets up front, one for lighter and one for C/P etc. I have NEVER had a problem with that one.


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