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How to negotiate your medical bills

May 26th 2010 8:47AM This incident happened at the Caylor-Nickel Clinic in Bluffton, In. I am self employed and with the economy I had to cancel my health insurance. This past Christmas, I received $100.00 as a gift. I was 2 years over due for a pap test, and my last wasn't normal. My doctor was aware of this. I phoned my doctors office and asked how much an appointment for uninsured would be. I was told $79.00. Approximately 5 days later I received a bill from them for $130.00. Surely there was a mistake. I called and was told that I did infact owe this for my office visit. What? She told me, my appointment was 79.00, I was also charged for the renewal of a prescription, and being diagnosed with a sinus infection! I was charged this because it was "in addition to" my pap test. I couldn't believe it! I had never been charged in such away. The cost of the office visit was always for what ever was needed on that day. They charged me $209.00 for an office visit! They even knew I didn't have any insurance. On top of that, I also had a bill for lab fees. They would not work with me at all on this. I contacted the BBB and they couldn't get Caylor-Nickel to remove the additional charges. Then Caylor-Nickel sent me a letter stating that they would no longer treat me for anything, even in the ER! I have had a doctor with them for the past 23 years.

Home Ec: How to Remove Protein-Based Stains

May 1st 2010 10:45AM There is a product called "Odor Ban" it is fabulous! I know they have it at Wal Mart and Sams club for sure.

Government agency overseeing banks criticizes bank fees

Dec 4th 2008 1:17PM I am in the same boat as Richard. (former banker) I remember when banks were a service organization. I stopped using a bank years ago. I now buy money orders at Wal-mart. It is a whole lot cheaper and no worries. Another note: I just love when a bank charges a fee on a check drawn on them because you don't have an account with them!

Mare meat: a controversy

May 25th 2006 7:31PM Everyone should remember that any animal that is eaten had to suffer and die for you to consume it. Regardless of its cuteness or lack of. I eat meat, don't like like lamb, would not eat horse. I think mine would plot revenge. If I desperately had too, I would eat them to save myself and family. Its all how we were raised. I bet there are people in the huge cities that don't know what half of the animals they eat even look like. Animals intended for food or otherwise should be treated humanely. But then again, what humane is, can still be a matter of oppion. At this time I don't think there is a catch all answer.


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