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6 Success Strategies from Workers Who Are Thriving in a Recession

May 8th 2009 9:30AM I personally believe that thriving in a recession means that you have to get creative and think of new ways of providing income for yourself to hedge a potential lay off situaiton.

If you have any skill that you can teach other people, consider making a video tutorial and selling it online. It could be anything from baking cookies to changing the oil on your car to how to use software or play a game.

Here is the spot to get started

And for more immediate cash opportunity, make a screencast tutorial and enter it here

10 Part-Time Jobs You Can Do From Home

Apr 7th 2009 10:42PM I like the idea of becoming a freelance writer. I know of an expert who can teach anyone to become a writer. Her name is Michelle Stimson and she is a wonderful teacher.

Obesity Can Cut 3-10 Years From Your Life

Mar 23rd 2009 8:38AM I think for a lot of people, they know that they are in the danger zone with their inactivity and lack of exercise but change is hard and can be overwhelming. Going to a gym seems like a big step and the winter weather keeps folks indoors.

As we zoom full speed ahead on the web, new solutions are emerging for people to start off slow and ease into a new routine. To save research time, check out this resource

Bald Baby Solution

Mar 23rd 2009 8:25AM So I agree. I think these baby wigs are insane! When I was a baby, I had a huge bald head and I had 2-3 little whispy white hairs on top of my head. My mom in a desperate attempt to downplay my baldness would put vaseline on the few hairs that I had and then stand them up on top of my head. Then she would tape a little pink bow to the front of the hair standing up. I am cracking up and wish that I had a picture to prove it. :)

Ellen from Austin
a proud author at

Sick Kids - Do You Google Their Symptoms?

Mar 11th 2009 2:14PM I agree to a point that too much information can be overwhelming; however, I also think that sometimes you can find out great information while you are waiting to get in to see the doctor. For example, I found some great information on Strep Throat when my entire family suddenly came down with it and I ended up going to the doctor sooner than I normally would because of what I read online. It was great to get started on antibiotics right away.

Also, I have seen some amazing instructional videos online re: homeopathic remedies for cold and flu. Here is one that tells you how to address full blown flu symptoms and there are other ones that tell you how to prevent.

Another good resource is DadLabs, they have a ton of scoop on babies, pregnancy, toddlers- here is one on immunizations that is goo

I guess afer thinking about it, my vote is that I am glad that I have the internet for research, even if sometimes it makes me paranoid.

Second Hand Clothes - Good Bargains or Just Gross?

Feb 18th 2009 10:48PM I love finding great things for my kids at consignment stores. I do agree that some stores are better than others. It really does depend on the owner and the brands and types of clothes that they will accept. I have seen some Old Navy clothes that are the same price as the sale rack and I avoid those. However, I have found a ton of boutique clothing for great prices at second hand shops. I love it when something very expensive slips through the cracks and is priced too low.

My kids are 6 1/2 and 5 and I think that we will be able to shop consignment for a few more years before my daughter starts taking note and complaining. I think as long as there are quality stores out there, we will always integrate them into the mix.

If anyone has any advice/tips on this subject or any other, tell us

5 Post-Layoff Tips

Feb 18th 2009 9:51PM I agree with #2 Be Visible Beyond your Workplace and I would add one more to the list- Keep a very positive upbeat attitube. Absolutely no one wants to hire someone who is a Debbie/Don Downer.

Here is a great way beyond blogging to keep yourself visible beyond your workplace, teach the world what you know by making an instructional video series. It cost nothing besides time to make and you can upload it to an instructional video marketplace for no cost.

This way you can earn supplemental income while you are job hunting, create exposure for yourself online to showcase your skills/talent/knowledge as well as have something to show for the time that you were off. Creating an instructional video series on any subject is a great resume builder.

Work Less, Earn More

Feb 18th 2009 9:40PM Another way to earn money with less work is to take your specific knowledge and make something that people are looking for.

For example, take the time to teach how to do something on video and then sell the "how to" video online. You take the time up front, once and earn money every time the video sells.

How Hair Plays a 'Part' In Your Career

Feb 18th 2009 9:33PM So... does a clipper cut count as no part? I like how if you don't have a part you are trustworthy and wise. According to my husband, no one who is under the age of 40 and cool has a part.

Go for the clipper cut, here's how to do it:

Cables - Pull Yourself Fit

Feb 16th 2009 9:28AM I agree with the cable workout being a good one. It takes balance and stability to be able to pull this off and I can see how it would really challenge your core. There is also a broader range of motion that occurs with the cables. It seems like with weight machines that it is easier to do limited range of movement where the cables force you to go further. Here is another really good cable workout-


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