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Travel Like a Boss: Onboard Singapore Airlines new A380 out of JFK

Feb 19th 2012 10:43AM Rode the A380 LAX to Melbourne in "premium economy" was like a flying cattle car, on the flop flew a B 777 on New Zealand Air it was much better; airbusses are designed for skinney folk not fat a--ed Americans.

DIY Decline: Are Men Less Handy Than They Used to Be?

Apr 26th 2011 8:37AM It is all about saving money, plumbers, electricians, and carpenters charge big bucks and too often don't do a great job, so I learned how to do most repairs and tried to teach my daughters the basics. They are way handier than their male partners even if they weren't really interested in dad's lessons growing up. The interesting thing is their guys aren't at all concerned that the girls can paint circles around them.

How Bob Lutz made four auto journalists his "Secret Weapons" at GM

Jan 30th 2011 11:02AM I think they should use disgruntled GM owners to review there products, I'd love to give them an opinion; and, since there are so many of us, we would have to work cheap. The real GM issue persists, high tech design with really cheap second class manufacturing.

10 Companies With Great Customer Service

Jan 25th 2011 11:08AM I would nominate Sears, Comcast, and Macys for the worst customer service. Sears is absolutely the worst, they have marginal products and the most predatory credit card business practices I have ever encountered; closed my account and haven't darkened their door in years.

World's Worst Travel Diseases (And How To Avoid Them)

Jan 18th 2011 11:56AM Been all over, Mexico, Africa, China, India, Europe, South and Central America. Checked with CDC and local health department and took vaccines ahead of travel, plus malarial prophylaxis, wore long pants and shirts, sprayed my hotel room, used Deet insect repellant, stayed out of fresh water, drank beer or wine and bottled or boiled water (no ice, or salad), hummed in the shower, and kept my pecker in my pants: result- never got sick. I carry Pepto B, rehydration salts, lomotil, Cipro, and tetracycline just in case. Use your noodle and have a good time, it's a great world.

Comfort Zone Investing: Should You Buy GM?

Jan 16th 2011 10:59AM The rebirth of GM is a scam that would make Bernie proud. GM cars are crap and the much touted Volt is a travesty and a fraud. Maybe I am just bitter about losing a big chunk on old GM stock and having a GMC lemon in my garage, but I don't think the company management or union workers are really any different. Counting on an electric car with unproven technology produced by the same old union trolls to turn a profit is just wishful thinking. I would never buy GM stock or a GM product.

Jay Leno a Chevy Volt intender? Umm... not so much

Jul 22nd 2010 12:05PM Hey, they may call it the "new" GM but it is the same company that screwed the stockholders and the American people and now is trying to fob off some hastily cobbed together s---- box on consumers. I am not surprised that Jay isn't interested. 40K for a car with a 100 mile range and unproven battery technology produced by the worlds sleazist automaker hardly makes me want to rush out and buy one.

Beijing 2010: Chevrolet Volt MPV5 crossover revealed

Apr 24th 2010 11:29AM No, no, no. It's a G.M. You remember, the company that had those diesel cars in the late 70's, brought us a long line-up of other losers and, most recently, screwed the stockholders and now makes a big deal of paying off their bail-out money. I acutally have owned two GM lemons and it will be a long time until I buy another.

Worst Case Travel Scenarios

Apr 9th 2010 5:58PM I learned a couple of moves from fellow countrymen in Africa. (1) Wrap your cash and credit card in rubber bands and carry in front pants pocket, bands cling to pocket. (2) Travelling vests with multiple inside and outside zip pockets are great to spread your stuff around, you may look like a geek but it can save your cheese

Connecting the Dots: How Bad Off Is the Real Estate Market?

Mar 3rd 2010 2:56PM Bought two houses and took out one mortgage in past 2 months, I feel the real estate market is depressed by the appraisal process and the insecurity of the lenders who want everything triple gold plated before issuing a mortgage. Clearly if your appraisal is based on comparable sales and all that has sold in your area are forclosures and sales under duress, your place isn't going to appraise for your asking price even if you have an agreeable buyer. Insecure lender won't make the loan with a low appraisal.


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