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'Real World' Star Puck Arrested for Domestic Violence

Jun 29th 2011 6:15PM He has a son?!? omgggggggggggggggggggg

Mom Allegedly Threatens Little League Official Because Her Son Didn't Make the Team

Jun 21st 2011 6:47PM Toys in the attic...........she' crazy................

Judge to Mom: 'You Don't Spank Children'

Jun 21st 2011 6:44PM Spanking is one thing. LEAVING MARKS IS ANOTHER!!! It's good that they took her children from her. She needs to learn proper parenting and that includes appropriate discipline. Violence begets violence. Been there!

Amy Winehouse Leaves Rehab After Just One Week

Jun 4th 2011 2:15PM Addiction is not something that a person can help. They do need to seek help from trained professionals to stop and stay sober. Praying that she can do it!

Ellen Barkin Living With 'Diner' Director's Son, 26

Jun 2nd 2011 7:23PM Ellen, you go girl!

Report: Christopher Knight and Adrianne Curry Have Separated

May 30th 2011 11:24AM Perhaps a precursor to another reality show?

Report: Christopher Knight and Adrianne Curry Have Separated

May 30th 2011 11:21AM ...and this surprises us WHY?

Dolly Parton Never Wears the Same Outfit Twice

May 29th 2011 5:38PM No and it would be great if those clothes were auctioned off and the money went to charity!

Chaz Bono: My Mom Just Needed More Time to Accept Me

May 17th 2011 6:44PM Sonny would have wholeheartedly accepted whatever his child wanted to do!

Kirstie Alley's 'Dancing' Secret Weapon: George Lopez

Mar 29th 2011 9:13PM George is a loser. He's a poor representation of and a poor role model for hispanics.


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