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Mack Reed Finds $175,000 Marijuana Stash Under His Hot Tub in Los Angeles

Dec 8th 2012 7:42PM You would think that the Police could have gotten the finger prints off the glass jars and figured out who had put them there. Maybe someone was getting ready to frame Mack and put it there to have him arrested for illegal drugs on his property. Does he have any teen age kids that live with him? Could be someone who knows him since they knew there was a hiding place under the hot tub. It would be interesting to know if they were able to get the finger prints off any thing or if every one handled it first. I like the one guys comment about selling it to the medical marijuana dispensary and give the proceeds to the police dept.

Colin Steer Finds Medieval Well and Sword Under His Plymouth, England, Home

Aug 30th 2012 4:42PM They will certainly save alot on the monthly water bill if the water is tested and found to be safe to drink. I really like the idea of the sword and am egar to discover who made it and if was used in the digging of the well. Back in those days that would have been considered a deep well and alot of sweat went into digging it I am sure. There may yet be discovered more treasures as they explore even further. I wonder how deep the water actually is? Could be an under ground lake like our water came from in Montana, it was 150 ft down but everyone used it for many years.

Officer Fired After Entering Woman's Bedroom to Serve Notice for Overgrown Lawn

Jul 11th 2012 6:54PM She should invest in some dead bolts and use them. She would have been in her right to do bodily damage to that person for entering her home uninvited, be it baseball bat or shot gun. Now she also has to live with the stress all this caused, she may never recover from the trama and now have to deal with medical bills for stress realted issues and the whole insident may now be with her for the rest of her life. You can become paranoid after an experience like that, some people would have just come unglued and instantly attacked the Officer. He is lucky to be alive.

Banks' Paperwork Foul-Up Cost Atlanta Woman Her Home

Jul 9th 2012 5:23PM I feel so sorry for this family loosing their home, the mental stress of the whole thing must be extremely painful. This is one strong woman to have been able to find a place for her family to have a roof over the head and food in the mouth in an emergancy situation especially when she knew she was in the right and that she had always made her morgage payments on time. Now days it is even hard to get a human on the phone when you call a bank or financial instatute or even a government or state office, they just keep you going round in circles with computer's rerutting your calls to other computer's. The age of personal human contact in busness matters has come to an end, it is now a recorded human voice on a computer that contacts you or answer's your inquiries.

98-Year-Old's Birthday Surprise: Eviction Notice From Her Son

Feb 17th 2012 7:06PM He is just trying to scam her out of her house and her husband was right, don't ever leave it. I hope this fine woman lives beyond 125+ years, it isn't even out of the question these days. People are living alot longer now days, I have two Aunts and a Mother all in their late 90's and they are still doing just fine on their own living in the house's that they worked and paid for many years ago. You can't just quit claim your Mother's original wishes.

Former Miss Venezuela Eva Ekvall, 28, loses battle with breast cancer

Dec 19th 2011 6:22PM Such a beautiful and brilliant woman to die so young is truly a tragic moment in our world. It always seems the magnificent dye young and those the world could do without live to be a ripe old age and it doesn't seem fair. Her husband now has the long road ahead of him of being a single parent and raising his young daughter, I am sure he will see Eva every time he looks at his little daughter. Maybe when she grows up she will carry on where Mommy left off. Very sad news to hear just before Christmas.

Miss Universe clarifies fraud allegations tarnishing Angola's crown

Sep 15th 2011 2:13PM She jumped all the hoops as did the other contestants. She was the lovliest and smartest of all the woman who entered the contest. In deed she is the new Miss Universe as the judges have voted her. She has won with her charm, beauty and intelligance so I could care less if she was from Pluto, She is the New Miss Universe so let her reign begin, she has won fair and square. She competed against all the other beauties of the world and came out on top. Leave her alone as she wears the crown proudly. If there were any kind of paper work problems I am sure they would have been made public long before this.

Katie Holmes Wows in Backless Dress at Movie Premiere (Photos)

Jun 27th 2011 9:22PM Katie looks beautiful in this picture, I didn't care much for the article but that portrait of her is worth 1000 words for sure. She is a lovely young woman and I can't wait to see her new movie. I think the last movie I watch her in was the Gift and she was seriously hot in that one. The photographer is magnificent too, this is a prize winning photo if ever there was one.

Jennifer Aniston Gets Her First Tattoo

Jun 27th 2011 9:07PM Jennifer, that was really the wrong thing to do. Why ruin that beautiful body by putting a tattoo on it. Tattoo's were the in thing for a few years but they are really fading out now. It used to just be old Sailors had tattoo's of ships on their chests or hulla girls on their forarms. I really hate to see tattoos on a fine looking woman, it is just a big turn off. It would be like Taylor Swift getting a tattoo of an eagle on her back, what do you think that would do to the wholesome values she now projects? She would loose alot of admirors very quickly.
Jennifer, please keep away from the needles and ink its addictive.

Katie Holmes Flaunts Bod in Red Bikini and Short Shorts (Photos)

Jun 20th 2011 9:12PM There is nothing wrong with a Mother and her daughter having a great time at the beach. I take it most of you people have never lived. My own wife and I were walking on the beach and it was so nice out that even though we were not prepare to go swimming, we went right in cloths and all. It is one of the best memories I have after seeing the ocean for the first time. My daughters have done the same thing on several occations, if the spirit grabs you, just go with the flow and you may just fine yourself having the time of your life. Enjoy living to the fullest, even if it means taking a dip with your cloths on or off. ahahahaaaaa Way to go Katie. I wish my stomach was that flat.


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