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The Black Eyed Peas Bring Pop Back to the Super Bowl in a Halftime Show Free of Controversy

Feb 7th 2011 9:28AM Ghetto thugs? Please! BEP's are bubblegum pop that appeal to tweenagers....not thugs!

Madonna on Piers Morgan CNN Ban: Who?

Dec 12th 2010 10:00AM I have to agree with you Patti!

Johnny Depp Reveals Why He Hasn't Married Longtime Girlfriend Vanessa Paradis

Dec 4th 2010 11:09AM Not a fan of Johnny Depp. I do however, like some of the stuff he has done like Blow. He is just too weird for me. For heaven's sake, just be don't want to marry her because you don't want to lose your fortune to the mother of your children should there be a divorce. Newsflash....she can keep the name.

Kelly Osbourne Pays Topless Tribute to James Bond and 'Goldfinger'

Oct 30th 2010 8:52AM Well your post didn't cover up your stupidity! Ugliness is how it it spelled. She looks great!

'Dancing With the Stars' Results: Who Got Voted Off Oct. 26?

Oct 27th 2010 7:28AM Nancy....I couldn't agree with you more! I heard them say that about Derek and Jennifer and had the same thought! If they're not necessarily in the bottom two then let them sit down and bring the bottom two couple up there. I was irritated last night.

'Real Housewives of O.C.' Party Turns Into a Brawl

Oct 25th 2010 9:29AM I just hope they got it all on camera for the next season of RHOC!

Polygamist Marries Fourth Woman, 'Sister' Wives Buy the Ring (VIDEO)

Oct 18th 2010 3:35PM I hope you're not the same Michelle griping about spelling errors. For example: "are children" should read "our children", The p and l at the beginning of the sentences should be capitalized and "roll models" should read "role models". Maybe that's why YOUR children are doing so poorly in school!

Polygamist Marries Fourth Woman, 'Sister' Wives Buy the Ring (VIDEO)

Oct 18th 2010 12:48PM @myngbl.....Actually I was commenting on the family on the show Sister Wives. I prefer to not categorize people based on the religion, beliefs etc.

Polygamist Marries Fourth Woman, 'Sister' Wives Buy the Ring (VIDEO)

Oct 18th 2010 12:34PM I find all of the wives extremely likeable. Kody is a little too happy....but I guess with four wives what man wouldn't be? The children are sensible, intelligent and well spoken. I can't find a thing wrong with them. It's not a lifestyle I would have chosen....but it cetainly doesn't bother me either.

Don Lemon on Live TV: 'I Am a Victim of a Pedophile'

Sep 28th 2010 8:15AM you ride your unicorn to work every day in the dream world that you live in? Sadly, sexual abuse of children is rampant in the universe that the rest of us live in.


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