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Troy Donovan and His Wife, Dayna, Find Squatters Living in Their Littleton, Colo., Home

Jul 15th 2012 5:44PM These so called buyers were most likely illegal alliens and participants in this real estate fraud scheme. This is what happens when everybody looks the other way. They should be arrested for fraud, serve there time including hard labor, pay bakc the real homeowners for their legal fees and then deported.

DIY Warrior: Installing a Light Fixture

Oct 3rd 2010 2:56PM One reason for not turning off the breaker is that when you do it might not turn back on. Turning off just the light switch and then checking for the presence of electricity at the fixture is normally sufficient.

Ferrari F430 Modena won't be bagged in the U.S.

May 29th 2006 10:41PM Almost everybody who has commented before me sound like a bunch of jealous brats. Grow up, make some money, get a trophy wife with nice .......and drive your Ferrari with who ever wants to get in. Remember, it's only a car.


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