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Tom Kelly

Tom Kelly

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Secondhand Smoke in Apartment Buildings: Can You Make Your Neighbor Stop Puffing Inside?

Dec 23rd 2012 5:30PM And what about home permanents? a kid, when my mother and grandmother would do those, we'd run, gaggin, from the house! How'd you like that stench wafting over your patio wall on a lovely spring morning?

Stressed Out? Try A Walk In A Cemetery

Sep 20th 2012 1:41PM I don't find cemeteries creepy at all. I find them peaceful.
On occasion, I'll enter a lovely one near my home, park under a shady tree and just read a book or rest awhile.

Very nice. And a handy reminder that, as "important" as our little concerns seem to us, we will leave all this behind one day.

Nice way to put stress in perspective.

Anderson Cooper's Manhattan Pad Sells for $3.8 Million

Jul 17th 2012 10:02PM Wish they'd shown the urban garden area.

Anderson Cooper's Manhattan Pad Sells for $3.8 Million

Jul 17th 2012 10:01PM My first thought, too, but....what a clean living space! I wonder about the lack of mementos and personal effects. Perhaps they were removed for photographing and sale of the property. Or not. Interesting to have such uncluttered places...unlike my bibelot crammed home!

Isolated tribe discovered in Paraguay

Mar 18th 2012 8:57PM Yeah....and did anyone ask the tribe if their land was for sale?

Didn't think so....

Keeping Fit After 70

Jun 11th 2011 2:09PM Well, you self-satisfied old bag. Your ending comment is so revolting, showing no consideration for the numerous physical reasons one may not be able to exercise like an addict. Forget the body workouts and work on your inner self.Sound like it's a bit on the flabby side.

Whitney Houston's Rep: Emphysema Story Is 'Completely Untrue'

Jun 2nd 2011 8:58PM "No pity?"
What a pity.
Such a lovely world-view you appear to have chosen.
I much prefer the few posts that exhibit kindness and well-wishes for a troubled family.

Kendra Wilkinson 'Pissed Off' About Hef's Wedding Snub

Apr 3rd 2011 2:27AM Good one, Georgia...I was kind of vaguely thinking that myself, and you made the thought clearer. And you are so right!

New Mel Gibson Mug Shot, Now With Less Smiling

Mar 18th 2011 1:19PM Yeah....and when you're asked to NOT attend your own premier.

Aaron B. Tobey, Airport Security Strip Protester, Sues TSA Over Arrest (UPDATE)

Mar 16th 2011 12:32PM're right! But...I think he did a pretty good job of "mirror writing" with only one dyslexic error....unless someone wrote it there for him. In that case....


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