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The Daily Fix: Ward Off Mosquitoes

Jun 3rd 2010 4:01PM
while stationed in Panama,CZ ,skitter heaven. (1960-63). Iserve as Medcial Coprsman at the Marine Barracks, I dispense thousands of BI tabs, worked for most of the guys(not all), also worked in VietNam. Their cheap, safe and available.

Hot Seat: The Waterboarding Debate

Feb 14th 2008 7:34PM For the whining lefties that still wet the bed. Its only those NOT under fire that have all the scruples. The warriors will do what ever is necessary to SAVE lives. You need to pray that your in that group. You say water boarding doesn't work, the three that was boarded sang well. Now we are wasting time and money with trials, this 3 ARE NOT POW's. They are terrorists and should be drug out with a bomb vest applied and send them to Allah, the guy with all the virgins.
From what Ive read on this blog Berkley doesn't have a lock on
left wing uninformed fools with tunnel vision.
EAT MORE PORK. That may help protect some of you fools. Another way to help is all the whinning women hit the streets naked, a Muslim is obligated to kill himself if he views a naked woman other than his wife. Do you part lefites.
Retired USN.


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