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Flavor Flav Arrested in Las Vegas for Traffic Violations

May 3rd 2011 10:05AM Typical inbred Coon. Go back to Africa.

Cheryl Burke and Kirstie Alley Snub Chris Brown Backstage at 'Dancing'

Mar 30th 2011 3:23PM I won't watch the show as long as that women beater is on it. In fact - why don't he just crawl back under his rock and go away.

Toothpaste to polish silver? One mom cleans green and finds big savings

Mar 15th 2010 4:44PM You're right - I have been doing this for years and tell everyone I know. I found that Crest is the best.

Home Ec: 5 Things You Should Never Vacuum

Mar 11th 2010 7:02AM You forgot to mention needles from a Christmas Tree. That plugs up vacuums worst that anything I can think of.

Is 'Avatar' Racist?

Jan 16th 2010 10:45PM Next thing you'll hear is the blacks complaining that the Racist Media is showing the blacks in Haiti as poor - uneducated and homeless being helped by the "white Man."

GM Chapter 11 decision reportedly final

May 28th 2009 5:05PM I live near the Lordstown OH GM plant. Many of my neighbors work there. Even some of them tell me they won't buy the junk the GM turns out. Kiss GM and the UAW goodbye and good riddance. For years they have made overpriced junk and still make overpriced junk. Screw them.

Hot Seat: Obama's Glass Jaw?

Mar 5th 2008 2:01PM McCain is going to win anyhow - so- it does not matter whether its clinton or obama. McCain should ask Collin Powell to be his running mate - for - a real dream ticket.

Open Letter: Star Jones Checks Bill O'Reilly's Racist Remark

Feb 27th 2008 11:45PM When I heard Obama's wife make that "proud to be an American" comment - the first thing I thought of is that SHE is a racist. I also think that this will cost Obama the election for - I as one -will not vote for him now as i don't want a woman like her as the First Lady. I think she is a cold stone racist and that remark proves it.


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