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Is Horse Surfing The World's Next Watersport?

Jun 25th 2013 6:22PM Bad for the horse's hoof.

Sequestration Could Cut Lifelines to Hurricane Sandy Victims

Mar 1st 2013 8:21PM Welcome to some of Florida's storm problems. I had 3 hit me with 45 days. No picnic. Thank God it was not cold, as in the north. Thank God I knew how to prepare. I left NYC one day before Sandy and the preparation told to the public was NOTHING. No one told these people while they had electricity to wash their clothing, get their meds, get pet food, to line their tub with the shower-curtain and fill the tub (stoppers alone will leak), to use the tub water for flushing the toilets (don't fill the toilet tank - just about 1/2 gallon will flush a toilet poured directly into the bowl, the tank takes 2.5 to 5 gallons of water), to get bleach for disenfection, etc... We had to deal with heat which created mold, stench, standing water with mosquitoes, etc.....But, the list goes on what they did not tell folks. When Katrina hit, most folks that were on Government help had no cash-between checks. I cannot believe the USA has no better storm awaradness programs, nor the supplies needed for a storm disaster at their fingertips. Geez, I do that for my family. Generator, gas, etc....beans, rice, canned fruit, least for a week.. Once a year I donate it to the Boy Scouts and restock.

'Queen of Versailles': Tale of Mega-Mansion Headed for TV

May 3rd 2012 4:22PM This horrid, hellish pile of rubble is a blight for all who live and use Lake Butler. The entire sub-division is garish and 'new rich' (like the Seigals) tacky. No real Windermere resident would be caught dead over there. David Seigal is miserable lives to litigate. I guess the Hard Sell practices he used to create his empire selling over-rated Time Share Vacations came back to bite him. For years we saw thousands and thousands of peoples names listed in our local paper he was suing who couldn't afford to pay monthly 'vacation' fees. At this point, he would have to rent pallbearers.

Padre Alberto and family to welcome second child

Dec 22nd 2011 5:49PM You call this a disgraced priest??? The most normal one I have ever heard of. How about all the pedophile disgraces the disgusting catholic church has.

How to Get Rid of Roaches: Testing 8 Odd Ways

Sep 7th 2011 3:52PM Live in FL. Not if you have roaches but when. Funny, no one here has a problem calling for help. We know it is not because you have a dirty house, just the South is full of bugs especially cockroches/palmetto bugs. Get a spray with the straw attachment that lets you get it in tight places. Spray outside around your doors. I have a phobia about roaches, scared to death; I rather kill a snake than a roach, really that is how bad it is. You can be spraying the damned roach and it FLIES at you. I just think they are demonic. Growing up our dry food was kept in glass jars (cereal, grits, flour) even our bread was locked in tupperware. Spray spray spray. The boric acid is too messy and not deadly enough for my taste. I really stay on top of it with professional service, too. I had my 2 year old dishwasher stop working. When the tech came to fix it - one, ONE cock roach had made a home in my dishwashers control panel circuit board, ate and crapped on all the wires, and ruined the dishwasher. The tech sprayed the roach, found just the one huge bug, and told me I would have to buy a new machine since the circuit panel was way too expensive to replace. So, am I completely paranoid? You betcha.

Bizarre baby names: banned in New Zealand

Jul 21st 2011 5:42PM what if YOU moved to another country. Would you stop watching American Football scores? Would you change the kind of underwear you wear? Would you change ALL the foods you eat? Would you cover your head? Get a grip and adjust to the real world

Bizarre baby names: banned in New Zealand

Jul 21st 2011 5:40PM Did you watch the Casey Anthony trial. I assume you will agree that Judge Perry is educated. He says "wiff" instead of "with", but I completely understand him. It is called an 'accent' Mr. Dumbass.

Get your child offline and outdoors

Jul 16th 2011 11:09AM Exactly, who is the parent here? I cannot stand wimpy parents who let a child walk all over them. Why not hand the kid the keys to the liquor cabinet and car? If you do not treat your children with respect and have them give respect, you will pay for it your entire lifetime.

The 'Housewives'-Approved 15-Minute Clean-Up

Jul 15th 2011 4:36PM Sounds inviting. Good job.

The 'Housewives'-Approved 15-Minute Clean-Up

Jul 15th 2011 4:34PM Trish, I understand what you are saying. But, if everyone pitched in for 15 minutes, life would be some much less stressed without clutter and to be a little organized. Trying to find my keys when I am late for work makes me panic and yell at everyone around me whom I love. Trust me, it is easier.


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