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David Young

David Young

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The Daily Fix: Change a Furnace Air Filter

Jul 21st 2010 7:28AM I have just bought a new washable filter for my AC system, unfortunately the instructions didn't say which way to install it. One side is smooth, the other side is rough so if the airflow through the filter compartment goes up which way should it be installed. Thanks for any help on this question as I know filter orientation is important.

Hosts for Today Show's fourth hour named; country asks why

Aug 14th 2007 8:58AM Talking about the Today show, it's time NBC cut the umbilical cord with Al Roker. He's become immature and silly on the show and although he's a long time presenter, comes over as being very nervous by constantly tapping his notes vertically on the desk.

Has CBS already given up on Katie Couric?

Apr 24th 2007 7:11PM The biggest mistake Katie Couric ever made was leaving the "Today" show. She is at her best ad-libbing and interacting with another anchor such as Matt Lauer, as well as interviewing interesting personalities and film stars. What she is not good at is sitting in front of a teleprompter just reading lines. If CBS is thinking of taking her off the CBS evening news, then that would be the right decision. Sorry Katie but you blew it when you left NBC.

The Craziest Drivers in the World Are...

Jan 19th 2007 4:57PM To Keith. The reason the traffic lights in London go from red to red and yellow then green is that most cars in England have a manual transmission. This red and yellow signal gives drivers time to shift from neutral to first gear and be ready to move when the red and yellow signal turns to green.

The Craziest Drivers in the World Are...

Jan 19th 2007 3:51PM As a professional driver in Europe for more than 30 years driving 30,000 miles a year, I have to say that American drivers, although not the worst, do need improving on two counts. Firstly the use of turn signals and secondly getting out of the left lane when not passing anybody. Here in Florida, they are considering passing a law fining those drivers that hog the left lane and rightly so. This is a major problem in this country that impedes the smooth flow of traffic and something you never see in Europe.

The very best potato chips

Jun 6th 2006 9:14PM The best chips without a doubt are Cape Cod, they are a kettle type of chip, very crunchy with excellent taste. Once you've tried them nothing else comes close.


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