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Are Tea Partiers Gaming the Vote for Bristol Palin on 'Dancing With the Stars'?

Nov 18th 2010 8:20AM Go away Palin Family and don't come back!

Ike Ditzenberger, Down Syndrome Football Player, Scores TD in HS Game

Oct 2nd 2010 4:12PM I am so very proud of those guys!

Labradoodle Creator Has Massive Regrets Over the Craze He Started

May 7th 2010 5:03PM Nobody, R. Conran, or anyone else invented the Labradoodle. They were used in Victorian times in England as retrievers. My family's first Ladradoodles were an unintentional litter born to my Labrador, Boomie, in 1958 here in the USA. They were wonderful dogs and continue to be. Puppy mills and greedy breeders will always exploit, but if you want a nice Doodle, search very carefully for a breeder that cares.

Create the Look: Lance Armstrong's Kitchen

Feb 28th 2010 4:14PM This is really impersonal and dreary. It looks like a chain bar/restaurant. Imagine eating breakfast in there? Lance or no Lance. It looks cold and not a place to be cooking and enjoying food with friends. I guess I mean it has a corporate feel.

Meredith: 'I'm an Old Horny Woman'

Oct 14th 2009 10:15AM Sense of Humor, please. This was very good fun for everyone: the sailor, the horny old woman and the audience. What a bunch of prigs we are all becoming. No one abused anyone.

Hot Seat: Greatest Threat to Obama?

Apr 24th 2008 4:43PM The single biggest hurdle for Barack Obama is not one of the choices you have given us. A large part of the American public has been so dumbed down by Reality Shows, Professional Wrestling and the American Idol mentality, that they have lost the admiration for intelligence, dignity and judgement and rather enjoy a good punch up between good manners and a smart fish wife. Anyone who watched the ABC debate would have to agree that it bore more resemblence to that show of D. Trump's than a opportunity for folks to learn about policy. Obama should hold his head up and keep his dignity while the Clintons go on acting like school yard bullies.

Hot Seat: Can Obama Survive Gutter Politics?

Mar 10th 2008 10:46AM Why does Barack have to withstand gutter politics from members of his own party??? Why does he have to be a street fighter, a toughie, proven not to have a glass jaw? What do we want of our President?

I for one want a rational, calm individual with excellent judgement not a professional wrestler.


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