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Avant Yard: poisonous plants 101

Mar 14th 2008 5:25AM Goodness, I should be dead by now as I have four of your five plants in my garden and have been regularly pruning them without gloves for the last 18 years or so!! Lantana, Geraniums, Philodendron & Asparagus Fern.
I will ask this question.....why would anyone want to eat lantana seeds????

Three ways to unclog the toilet without calling the plumber

Mar 14th 2008 5:17AM I have an even better one old fashioned which I have tried several times with great success to both unblock a toilet and a shower drain.
You will need:
*A packet of bi-carbonate of soda - about 12 ounces
* A bottle of cheap spirit vinegar - 1 large cups or about 1/2 a bottle.
Pour bi carbonate of soda into toilet bowl, straight after pour in vinegar, and close the toilet lid. The bicarb and vinegar will begin to fizz and enlarge in volume so you don't want it spilling out. Wait about 30 seconds, or until fizziness stops (it will be safe to open lid then) and flush toilet. Repeat if necessary.
Plumber was going to charge me $250 to come and unblock my shower drain as it was clogged with hair and conditioner. I tried this method both in the bathroom and outside in the outlet drain and the whole lot came out in a solid clump. Total time 5 minutes - Total cost about $4!


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