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See the Top 10 Real Estate Listings in the Country

Oct 8th 2011 11:11PM AOL is horrible. They never give you info in headlines. It's always some teaser and click here....

The teaser is about the back of the house in Orlando and the price. You click the link and there's nothing there about the back of the house.. or the price.

I hate AOL "news" and will never click another teaser. Not even sure why i still use this pos.

Video: Ohio police use Tazer seven times on driver in diabetic shock, dislocate his shoulder

Feb 27th 2011 5:09PM Plays right out of the rouge cop handbook: Charge the victim with trumped up counts so the police can offer to drop the charges in return for a settlement. It's a classic move.

Too many cops think they're above the law. The cops should be charged with assault.

6 Ways to Use Your Digital Camera as a Tool

Sep 23rd 2010 3:42PM You can also use your camera to test your remote control. The IR singal coming from the remote when you push a button will be visible on the camera screen.

SEC Porn Probe: Workers Viewed Sex Materials as Economy Tanked

Apr 24th 2010 1:34AM They spent 8 hours a day surfing porn.... the rest of their time they just wasted.

Wildest Dashboard Cams: No. 15

Mar 12th 2008 7:38PM Sure the lady should have stopped. By not stopping she acted like criminal. The cops should have seen that she was no threat and listened to her with some empathy. Traffic stops are very dangerous especially when people don't stop or drive off. They were both wrong but he was stupid and had a duty to treat her right.

Why was he so rough?

Florida is a dangerous state. A few years ago they made it easier to carry concealed handguns so people could arm themselves and be "safer". Now the Florida cops treat everyone like they have a concealed weapon.


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