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Two Pilots Fired After Brazilian Pop Star Takes Captain's Seat Mid-Flight

May 20th 2013 12:48PM You will not find me flying on this airline ok.......ever....that is all it took....they all should have been fired and that "singer" or whatever he is should be fined big time and have jail or community service.....but then is a star so to speak and they can do anything......Us normal people would not have even made it past the door to the cock pit ok

20 New Ways to Use Magic Erasers

Apr 24th 2011 8:15PM Personally I would never be without them...I also use them for quick wipe of scuff marks on painted walls and they come right off...they are good for everything and cannot think of anything that they do not work on.......One of the greatest inventions these days...literally!

Watch Susan Boyle's U.S. 'Talent' Debut

Sep 17th 2009 8:28AM I think she was thinking of all the good times she had with her Mom and how beautiful her life was when she was alive! I know the feeling, but, lack
the talent that this woman has. I am sure that her
Mom is looking down and has her arms wrapped tightly around her always.

ABC Wants Paula For 'Dancing'

Aug 9th 2009 10:41AM She is a great talent, but, Dancing With The Stars is ballroom right? Do not know if she has the knowledge of the different ins and outs of ballroom..quite a bit different from modern jazz.

Today's Cry - Dolphin Inspires Little Girl

Aug 8th 2009 8:12AM I too Jan have a birth defect on right foot and have partial amputation of my right foot..Been embarrassed for years to the point that i never went to the beach or went to a shoe store. As I
have gotten older I have come to realize it is everything happens for a reason and that it is these challenges in our life that can make us the good people that we strive to be. Good luck little one you can do anything in life you want!

An inconvenient shrink: Continental's carry-on limit gets smaller...just in time for Thanksgiving

Oct 23rd 2008 9:13PM I have been paying on Continental $80 to $90 one way for
a small pet carrier with pet under 10 lbs that fits under my seat.
So a roundtrip ticket is at least 160.00 for this pet to travel and is considered my carry on luggage. As I have always had to pay for this with her I know that people have been taking advantage of all of there "carry on" each and everytime I have used Continental. I know how people are and it is about time that they have to pay to carry all this stuff. It not only takes up
all of the over head compartments, but, it keeps others waiting to get off of the plane in a timely manner. I say it is about time
that they have to pay for these items. I agree with the comments written by an employee of the airline..people are
just ridiculous!

Tay Zonday, 'Do the Can't Dance'

Sep 9th 2007 6:57PM yawn

Tay Zonday, 'Do the Can't Dance'

Sep 9th 2007 6:55PM Jezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzze....omg what in the hell is this internet world going to do next....stupid is more interesting when I take a dump ok!

Tongue Dance

Jul 29th 2007 6:14AM And? jesus was there just no news to put into this spot or what?


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