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Woman files $54m lawsuit against Best Buy for losing laptop

Feb 14th 2008 7:53PM I hate BEST BUY and their shortsighted customer antagonistic policies. I hope she puts them out of business.

Tired of traveling overweight? Try Tonga!

Feb 7th 2008 10:34AM Obesity is not a crime---- but it gross to try and imply that it is anything other than negligent and a bad example for our children. There SHOULD be a stigma associated w/ being obese- its as bad as smoking or drinking to excess. As the world faces a food crisis, Americans continue to show the rest of the world how we gobble up the worlds resources- gas,and food- and make the place a little grosser w/ our pollution and our obese. Abroad- when a fat person is sighted, they are assumed to be American. How sad is that. And as for the airline issue- I have been (literally) stuck next to a fatty during a flight. I got squished as they oozed over their alloted space into mine. Yuck! "Excuse me, but your paniculus is on my leg". Come America- shape up. The impending medical/insurability crisis is terrifying!

New Uses for Old Phone Books

Oct 15th 2007 3:59PM I contacted my phone company and asked them to stop sending the %$^#@ things- Save a coupla trees!

The Bridget Jones bikini, for Brits only?

Apr 6th 2007 6:11PM Eww....... Camel toe!

Seriously though, this is the "Double O's"- not the Fifties. New century, new mindset. Lets go forward, not back. While I don't mind a new spin on the bikini- the Donna Reed look is not what I had in mind. Brazilian style bottoms are fun, so are wrap around tops.


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