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Secondhand Smoke in Apartment Buildings: Can You Make Your Neighbor Stop Puffing Inside?

Dec 20th 2012 4:52PM A little personal information on this topic . Secondhand smoke causes very negative reactions in my body . Living in a large apartment complex here in Oregon, where smokers have rights and freedoms as do non-smokers , all are mixed together,smokers and non smokers alike . Three of the known negative reactions my body gives to me from smoke inhalation are :
( 1 ) Nasal passage drainage .
( 2 ) My eyes tear up . ( will run water )
( 3 ) Once smoke has entered my apartment, by way of neighbor's smoke, I cough as if I had a smokers' cough, pretty frequent, until I place electric fans to blow the smoke out by way of turning the apartments' exhaust fans on pulling as much of the lingering smoke out as possible, leaving all doors to my apartment open, while those electric fans are pushing the stale cigarette smoke out.
That is a part of my personal truth about secondhand smoke, what that smoke does to me otherwise internally, I do not know . But I do agree with those who know secondhand smoke is harmful, just from my own experiences .

Plan to Build Home on Top of Historic Heard Cemetery in Sandy Springs, Ga., Enrages Neighbors

Oct 7th 2012 10:38PM You are a smart person to have under taking this task upon yourself . There are a few cemeteries in Georgia, that no longer exist, or so overgrown, most would not know one was ever there .

Readers' Picks: The Best Insect Repellents

Jul 12th 2011 9:42PM A neighbor told me recently about Listerine . Tried and proven to have work successfully here in Oregon for me, I, too only use the Listerine in the brown bottle .
That is the original flavor, from the last century . Never know how rapidly other Listerine products or what colors will be introduced next .

Pal: 'Heartbroken' Hef Thought Crystal Was the One

Jun 15th 2011 7:22PM POINT Of Infomation ; Smart - - -, To each there is a time .
You Just Keep Waking Up .

How Much Fighting Is Too Much? A Couple's Guide to Fighting Fair

Mar 12th 2011 10:25PM After reading your long years of agony, it occurred to me, another lady, needs to tell you where things went wrong . Then i could not resist saying, after 30 years, and you aren`t going any place, any way, please tell this lady . YOU DO NOT CHOOSE A HUSBAND OVER YOUR CHILD .
Was your first and only mistake . So, stay for this abuse to you and your daughter for another 30 years, fine with me . And I hope your daughter, breaks from this pattern of abuse, before it ruins her life, if it hasn`t already . She may now think this is the way A LADY is suppose to be treated.
He sure married the right lady . Many others know the incoming pitfalls to avoid, from jump street.
You need professional mental healthcare, from my vantage point, of your sordid situation . luck2U.

Lindsay Lohan Takes to Twitter After Posting Bail

Feb 10th 2011 12:25PM EXACTLY !!!

Lindsay Lohan Takes to Twitter After Posting Bail

Feb 10th 2011 12:23PM The system does require a lock up for probation violation, however, The judge `s decision . In this young lady case, probably tried to give her lots of room to find herself.
She needs some help, from parents, professional doctors, or some major therapy . Based upon her actions, which seems to be to destruct herself . She Could Hire A driver, rather than drink and drive, especially with her money . No reason to steal, she can buy, and pay for those trinkets . Hope she wins the battle.

Cupid in the Cubicle -- He Strikes More Often Than You'd Think

Feb 10th 2011 11:48AM DANGEROUS ; AN UNDERSTATEMENT . It Does Apply To Each Gender .
Thanks for informing this old man, not to tell the ladies they are loved .
With life being as short as it is, I would think we should share " I LOVE YOU,"
and do it as frequently as possible with as many human beings as we can reach,
For Tomorrow,Is Not A Given. Tomorrow, Is Just An Assumption .

Cupid in the Cubicle -- He Strikes More Often Than You'd Think

Feb 10th 2011 11:37AM You may be disappointed in reference to your final sentence .

Zsa Zsa Gabor Rushed to Hospital, May Have Another Leg Infection

Feb 1st 2011 6:59PM Signed another fan . Best to this grand Lady, whatever her choices are . She has probably had one of the better runs at this thing called life.


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