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Our Favorite DIY Projects from the ReadyMade 100

May 16th 2011 12:56PM The spray-painted cans looked cool, but the produce will probably spoil if it doesn't get refrigerated. I could see it for nonpershables, pens, hair stuff, etc.

7 Things Couples Shouldn't Do

Apr 25th 2010 2:09AM In 25 years of marriage, I don't think we were ever guilty of any of your seven deadly sins. When we went out to eat, my husband WANTED me on the other side of the table, so he and I could look each other in the eyes when we spoke. He passed away last month, and I would have loved to be across from him at a table one more time.

Sans Wedding Ring: Restless Finger Syndrome

Jan 30th 2010 10:33PM I work in healthcare, which strongly discourages wearing of rings for sanitary reasons. There are other jobs such as construction that jewelry can be a safety hazard. I know a couple who have been married for decades, are devoted to each other, and almost never wear their rings. I think it's a matter of doing what makes you and your mate comfortable if possible, and if no other option you may have to agree to disagree. This is still a free country.

Mother Teresa: Should a Saint Get Postal Service's Stamp of Approval?

Jan 30th 2010 2:00PM As a former Catholic who still believes in God but recognizes that many paths lead to God, I believe that honoring Mother Teresa is justified-not strictly because she happened to be a Catholic doing humanitarian work, but simply because she did such work. If she happened not to believe in abortion, that was her belief, which she was entitled to-as are ALL people. That had nothing to do with the countless lives she sought to improve. To object to her personal stand on abortion indicates to me that it's fine to object to King's being married with a family, or Gandhi's dietary practices, or Malcolm's tendency to condone violence...and so on. My Protestant heart thinks the Post Office is doing the right thing.

Tips to help you be a smart dollar store shopper

Jan 24th 2010 1:54AM The author is right, most items are worth buying. The only thing I've been a little disappointed about is hand lotion and shampoo/hair stuff...they sometimes are watered down. Gift bags are great, nice variety. It's been a long time since I bought trash bags elsewhere. I only wish they would take store coupons for name-brand items.

Teen's charity name draws the McIre of McDonald's

Jan 23rd 2010 11:07AM This is so wrong of McDonald's. It sounds a lot like Donald Trump trying to own the phrase "You're Fired!" I want Lauren to win. It's a shame that McDonald's is getting stupid over a teenager's attempt to legally cover her fundraising event. You go, girl!!

Stuart Weitzman Boots Giveaway. Plus, His Tips on How to Wear

Dec 7th 2009 12:46AM If I win these boots, I would wear them with black leggings, a black pullover sweater, the most colorful scarf I can find, and a really short plaid skirt!

U.S. Postal Service Says No More North Pole Letter Deliveries

Nov 20th 2009 4:28AM Shame on all the sexual predators that can't keep their flies zipped. People who try to rip the joy from a child's life deserve no joy of their own. As to who does and doesn't celebrate Christmas...most of us have friends, family, and loved ones who have fought and still do fight for the right to freedom of worship or the freedom to choose not to worship a higher power. If you choose not to believe in Christmas or it wasn't part of your culture or tradition, that is your right-but you do not have the right to take away something that makes a child happy...they grow up too soon as it is. Thank you, and a happy winter solstice to all!

First Lady Fashion Repeats: Michelle Obama's Versatile Wardrobe

Sep 30th 2009 3:22AM 1. "brooch" IS the correct spelling of her jewelry item. 2. I'm impressed with the fact that she combines frugality with grace and class. You go, girl!

Georgia Beauty Queen Gives Up Her Crown to Teach

Jul 3rd 2009 4:52PM I think she did the right thing. How do you know entering the pageant was her idea, or that she wasn't pressured to do something other than teach children? I would absolutely want her to teach my children if they were still in school. Way to go!!!


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