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Walmart Losing Business, Looks to Retool

Feb 23rd 2011 5:38PM I prefer shopping at the local dollar store. Many items are either name brand, or made BY the same company as the high priced stuff at Wal-Mart. Things you are going to throw away eventually are a big savings.
I buy: Paper products, cleaning supplies, dog food,& a copy of Sarah Palin's book, were all bought at the local "Family Dollar" for no more than $1.00.
On top of that, there are fewer items from abroad. Unless you count Canada.

Five Signs the Job Will Suck

Oct 30th 2010 11:31PM A red flag that should be on this list is if the company or business is owned by three people. You can bet that number one is the bad guy, #2: the good guy & #3: the mediator. One of the businesses I work in was run by three good men, each had a special job and/or position in the company. The running joke
was that we were working for the Holy Trinity. If Mr. "X" paged someone, it meant trouble, and that supervisor usually said:"Jesus Christ!". If Mr. "Y" paged you or sent someone for you, the first thing most department heads said was:" Oh GOD"! If Mr. "Z" was in the building, you knew it was going to be a bad month...he was the Holy Ghost.People often never came out of his office.

Manhattan Gets New Skyscraper

Aug 26th 2010 5:03PM Do they have clients lined up? Or will this beast be built, then go searching for occupants? Are there any leases signed, sealed & delivered for the offices, or shops? All too often building are built, or renovated, only to find no one is interested after the months and/or years of work have passed. Is this Scyscraper another White Elephant, or Albatross for the people of NYC?

Officials Fight to Keep Empire State Building in View

Aug 25th 2010 1:56AM Question #1: Does this building have tenents ready to occupy the whole place?
Question 2:
Will this take business away from the 55,000 square foot mall being built INSIDE the hallowed ground at the Twin Tower site? Yes. A huge shopping mall under the site where 3,000 plus died.
Stores that will sell everything. Probably even items made in Pakistan, where Bin Laedin is hiding.
There's nothing like flaming the fires of hate over a mosque, while hiding the truth about a mega mall inside the grounds of the towers, with restrooms
dug thru any remains that have not been found.

10 Destinations NOT to Visit

Jul 29th 2010 7:00PM This list needs another place NOT to visit.
A shooting range on Amature Night.
Duck & cover people! Duck & cover!

Princess Ship Hits Whale in Alaska

Jul 29th 2010 6:44PM Who was driving this ship? Stevie Wonder? Something this big is loaded with all sorts of intruments to see what's under the waves, in the way, or coming toward it. No one noticed the blips? Was the entire crew drunk, and/or getting drunk? Granted they may have not spotted a pod of whales, or one whale, but certainly something on the bridge rang or pinged or beeped. No one looked over to see what instrument or dial went off?

Bees Invade Marlins' Sun Life Stadium

Jul 18th 2010 11:13PM No one attends the games, bees are in the stands, it's hazy, hot & humid 99% of the time, the "team" could not beat a High School team.
I wonder how much of the stadium build cost did the public pick up?
Someone is footing the bill for this fiasco.It certainly not the fans, they do not buy tickets.

Ten Things to Have in Your Freezer

Jul 11th 2010 11:18PM If you have the "old" ice cube trays, freeze very strong espresso coffee to use in iced coffee, it will not water down a glass of iced coffee, the way plain cubes can.

Ten Things to Have in Your Freezer

Jul 11th 2010 11:15PM Sorry, a big mistake to leave Grey Goose in the freezer, a bottle or two of Kettle One is best in that spot.

Top 5 Fuel-Efficient Vehicles We Want (But Can't Have)

Jul 6th 2010 8:06PM I recently watched a re broadcast of a "Top Gear" show where the 3 hosts had a road rally of 750 miles using one tank of gas. The VW polo
blue motion reached the destination first. The rally was on highways, carriage roads & thru the cities, at times 75 MPH. He claimed the car was comfortable, if not plush.
As for the Ford Fiesta, I spoke with the owner of the largest dealership
in my state & he told me that a small number were made & even with his volume opf sales, his dealership recieved 2.


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