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Crafty Chica

Crafty Chica

Member Since Apr 23rd, 2008

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Fish kites for Children's Day

May 6th 2008 10:20PM those fish kites are amazing! i never heard of these celebrations, thank you for sharing!!

Crafty Chica's decorative concrete coasters

Apr 24th 2008 2:05AM You are so cool! I appreciate all you do! I'm a faithful reader!!! Thank you!!

Crafty Chica's decorative concrete coasters

Apr 23rd 2008 11:08AM Thank you for the shout out!! I actually did it way back in 2002 (, and reposted it on my site because I didn't have time to make anything new that week. It's been linked all over the place! I'll have to repost more often! I've also covered an entire concrete bench with this technique a few years ago, which was great - but here in AZ it gets so hot and the bench was in direct sunlight - and some of the pebbles cracked. :-( Overall, it is super fun! I *heart marble picture stuff*, your tutorial is great!!! Love, love, love the site!!!! Peace, love, and glitter!!
Kathy :-)


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