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Baby Oil - Unusual Uses

Jan 3rd 2011 12:14PM It's very sad that Angela's comment on animal testing seemed ignored. With just a few clicks, check out for yourself how horrific the animal testing is on dogs and other animals. It is unacceptable to me that given current technological advancements in ability to test virtually anything in a lab without animals...dogs are being tortured (watched a video of lab techs punching dogs in the face for 'misbehaving' before beinggrabbed by the throat and injected with God knows what. Tthen throwing them down into their concrete cages, scared, shivering, hurting without any human or humane kindness). Johnson & Johnson DOES animal testing...

Talented 10-Year-Old Heather Russell Sings Her Heart Out

Aug 10th 2010 11:04AM Please...can any one sing today without the vocal olympics? The girl seems to have a pretty voice, but who can tell with all the theatrics? What ever happened to singing notes without the whinning up and down? Geezzzzz.

Hot Seat: Greatest Threat to Obama?

Apr 23rd 2008 11:46PM Barack Obama is an African American wannabe simply to tap into the black vote. He is as much white as he is black yet plays the "black" card to gain supporters. He was born and raised by his white mother yet identifies himself with "typical" black American society. What a joke...all intelligent African Americans this should be a wake-up call. Obama is all talk without substance or experience. If our goal is to elect an African American, let's not waste our vote on Mr. Obama. Whenever the heat was put on him during debates, he faultered, fumbled and lost his composure. That's certainly not the type of President we need in troubled times.


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